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prostate cancer Erectile Dysfunction

Testimony – Why Does Prostate Cancer Cause Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction is a known complication in the treatment of prostate cancer. Fortunately, there are solutions.

Prostate cancer and erectile dysfunction are two terms that often crop up together. Does prostate cancer affect the erection?

The cancer itself has no direct impact on erectile capacity, but its treatment may cause erectile dysfunction.

Which Treatment Can Cause Complications?

In most cases surgery is also called a radical prostatectomy. After such an operation, in which the prostate and surrounding seminal vesicles are removed, the patient can no longer ejaculate … Which in itself is not a problem for erectile ability, because even without ejaculation it is possible to have an erection and orgasm. to get. The problem, however, is that it is not always possible to maintain the erectile nerves in such an operation. These nerves are fundamental to get an erection. They open the blood vessels in the penis through sexual stimulation. Since they are right next to the prostate the chances are that they will get damaged. For example, 60 to 90% of patients do not have an erection after the operation.

Radiation Therapy Can Also Cause Erection Problems

That’s right. The effect of radiotherapy , however, does not immediately occur, unlike surgery. The damage to the erectile doves is gradual. In general, erectile dysfunction will only become apparent after two to three years. Whether hormone treatment can also cause erectile dysfunction ?

First you should know that with this treatment, which is used in advanced cancers, the testosterone level is reduced to zero … And a testosterone deficiency can decrease libido and cause erectile dysfunction.

Is There a Treatment That Reduces the Risk of Erectile Dysfunction?

Yes. For example, the surgeon can try to perform a nerve-sparing prostatectomy at a localized tumor. This procedure is used if the surgeon knows that the tumor is far away from the erectile doves. But even after this operation, men may experience erectile dysfunction …

How Can a Man Recover Erections After a Prostatectomy?

Oral medicines that promote erection (sildenafil, tadalafil, vardenafil) may help if erectile dysfunction does not fully return after a nerve-sparing prostatectomy. If these drugs do not help, intracavernosal injections can offer a solution.

The patient must administer it in the erectile organs of his penis to induce an artificial erection. Finally, a last resort is a penile prosthesis.

Testimony by Gilbert, 56 years old

There was a good chance that I would not be able to get erections after my prostatectomy. I was lucky, and could be helped with medicines for erectile dysfunction .

Prostate cancer and prostatectomy

“A few days before my 52nd birthday I had the PSA values in my blood analyzed. As a precaution, because both my father and my uncle had previously been diagnosed with prostate cancer . That initial study of the PSA values ​​indicated a possible cancer. Seven months later, after several additional PSA analyzes, biopsies , an ultrasound and a rectal examination, the diagnosis was confirmed. I had prostate cancer , and he even evolved quickly.

In my case, a prostatectomy was the best treatment. That is an operation where the prostate is removed. Like all men, I had to deal with urinary incontinence after the operation. Fortunately I had that problem again under control after a few months of physiotherapy.

Side effect of surgery

The urologist also informed me well in advance about the second major consequence of the operation, impotence . The operation could bruise the nerves that run over the prostate to the penis. If the nerves could be kept sparing enough, an erection pill could suffice to get erections again. After the operation I had to wait six months to see if I would get a new erection with sexual stimulation. That was so, and so I could try if an erection pill would improve my erection.

Erection pill repaired ED

That ‘first time’ with my wife I took the pill about half an hour in advance. There was nothing bizarre about it: it all felt very natural. After that successful first time, we continued to use the erection pills , to our great satisfaction. Before the operation I was not awake from those erections. 

The most important thing was that the operation would go well and hopefully I would be rid of the cancer forever. But I do think that this impotence could have weighed on my mind in the long run. My wife would never make it a problem, but as a healthy, fifty-year-old man I would start to find it annoying.

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