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Why Antibiotics Need a Prescription to Be Dispensed?

Antibiotics can do us a lot of good as long as they are taken properly. Today we will discover why they always need a prescription to be dispensed.

There are several reasons why antibiotics need a prescription to be dispensed. We all agree that these are drugs that are not commonly used, but in special cases. However, there are many more things we should know about them.

In what cases are antibiotics needed? Well, for example, when you suffer from a urinary infection or  tonsillitis . As we can see, they are unusual and very annoying situations that can affect our daily life.

Antibiotics Can Destroy The “Good” Bacteria

It is true that antibiotics will destroy all those bad bacteria that are causing you to have this urine infection, for example. However, these types of medications are so strong that they can kill your bacterial flora  if they are used without any control.

Imagine that antibiotics could be acquired without a prescription and that we should go to them with relative assiduity. Our immune system would end so weakened that we would end up contracting many more diseases,one after the other.

Antibiotics need a prescription

This is because antibiotics also destroy bacteria that are considered good for our body. Without control, these medications can harm our health and are not for this. Antibiotics are to cure us.

Antibiotics may not be Effective if Misused

Antibiotics need a prescription because if we use them badly, not only will we damage our organism, but the problem we want to solve will not be solved . This is because, by total ignorance, we can be taking antibiotics for a viral and non-bacterial infection.

How important is this? The truth is that a lot, because antibiotics are only effective when infections are caused by bacteria , not by  viruses . The consequences of using antibiotics for these cases so inadequate is that the microorganisms that are causing the real problem can become stronger. In this way, when we supply the body with the medication it needs, it probably does not work.

Antibiotics increase the risk of other problems

Why antibiotics need a prescription also has as a reason that destroying the bacteria that are good for us can lead to a series of problems. For example, it is normal for antibiotics to destroy the good bacteria in the intestine,  causing many gases, stomach pain for no apparent reason and intolerances that we did not have before.

Woman representing eliminates gases

What happens in the case of women? That antibiotics can affect your vaginal flora making it more prone to catch infections or have vaginal fungi. However, it can also have other types of reactions, especially related to the skin.

Antibiotics interact with other drugs

When the doctor prescribes antibiotics, it would be normal for us to ask if we are taking any other type of medication. This is because antibiotics are so strong and potent that they can make other drugs lose their effect.

Imagine that we are taking one pill a day for a specific problem we are having. If we take antibiotics without consulting the doctor beforehand, this drug could lose all its effect and expose us to the problem we are trying to solve, reduce or control .

However, there is another reason why we should tell our doctor if we are taking other medications: the possibility that we will potentiate the effects of other drugs that we are taking. If this happens, we can have serious problems with our health since the effects of these drugs will be enhanced. It is as if we had taken more than the amount due.

Now that we know why antibiotics need a prescription, it is important that if we have one within our reach, either because it has been left over from other times or for any other reason, we should consult with our doctor before taking them. Antibiotics  are very powerful and can help us a lot as long as they are taken properly.

In addition, doctors will weigh whether antibiotics should be taken , if they have been consumed recently, or a solution should be found. In cases of tonsillitis, for example, the removal operation of the tonsils is usually indicated.

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