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Premature Ejaculation Urology Doctor

Which Doctor to Consult for Premature Ejaculation ?

Premature Ejaculation occurs regardless of age. While Erectile dysfunction has become largely “sociable” as an issue, there is virtually no talk about premature ejaculation.

Although there are treatments for premature ejaculation, only 9 percent of affected men seek medical consultation. In the long term, “coming too early” can jeopardize the partnership. A visit to a doctor is recommended if premature ejaculation occurs regularly leading to disappointment, frustration or an impairment of the sexual life.

Which doctor is the right one

There are doctors specializing in men’s health. This specialist group is called a urologist. They have the following main activities:

  • Treatment of all kidney, ureter and bladder diseases.
  • Treatment of male reproductive organs such as penis, testicles or prostate.
  • Treatment of sexual dysfunction.

GPs and internists can also provide an advice. The problems should be described to the doctor precisely. So he/she can understand the background and discuss solutions and options together. Maybe it helps you to use the self-test as a way to start a conversation.

Why should men go to a doctor ?

The visit to the doctor is important to make the right diagnosis. Misconceptions about the duration of “normal” sexual intercourse, concomitant diseases that cause premature ejaculation, or erectile dysfunction can lead to a misjudgment by the man in question.

To openly address premature ejaculation, it requires a little courage. But this is worthwhile if it is possible to find a satisfying sex life by treating the dysfunction. It’s recommended to find urologists in your area to consult on the problem of ejaculating too early. Your doctor will be able to explain to you in an advisory interview which therapy option is suitable for you.

Sometimes, the problem has to be addressed by several professionals, such as a psychologist, a sexologist and a urologist or other specialist.

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