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When to Consult a Doctor for Erectile Dysfunction?

It takes on average two years for men with erectile dysfunction to dare to talk about it with their doctor. It should be noted that this is too long.

When Should Men Go to a Doctor?

“In the first place, erectile dysfunction should not be confused with a temporary absence of the erection. All men sooner or later have to deal with the issue, especially older men. We speak of an erectile dysfunction when the patient is no longer able to get an erection or to maintain a sufficiently strong erection for satisfying sex.

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Specifically: if the problem persists for three months, it is recommended to consult a doctor. Even if spontaneous nocturnal erections fail to occur and if there is no erection during masturbation, it is best to visit the doctor. Too many men still think that they will solve the problem alone and sometimes wait years before they talk to their doctor about it. That is a false reflex. Prolonged erectile dysfunction can lead to additional relationship problems that make the treatment more difficult. “

Which Type of Doctor Is Best ?

Someone with erectile dysfunction must first talk openly about it with his doctor, but many men do not have the courage to to discuss the issue openly, preferring to turn around the jar by complaining about other symptoms, for example pain in the testicles. to analyze the patient’s complaints thoroughly and thus to make the correct diagnosis: if the patient suspects a specific disorder of his penis (skin problem, pain that prevents erection, hardening of part of the penis, etc.), he can directly turn to a urologist, but that is quite rare.

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A sexologist can also be useful if it turns out that the erectile dysfunction is due to a psychological cause, but the general practitioner remains the first person to talk to.

Evaluation of the Erectile Function

Your doctor will ask a number of questions to determine the degree of erectile dysfunction . It is important to know if your penis becomes stiff or not, or if your erection lasts longer than a few seconds …

These questions are also important to clarify your expectations and to evaluate the result of any treatment that has been initiated.

Your doctor will also ask questions that can orientate towards the distinction between a predominantly physical or psychological cause of erectile dysfunction .

Impact of Erectile Dysfunction

Through a number of questions, the influence of the erection problem on yourself and on your partner will also be assessed .

Causes of Erectile Dysfunction

Your doctor will ask questions about your medical history. You will also be asked if you are taking medicines . It will also be checked whether there are certain risk factors (lifestyle, family) for cardiovascular diseases: diabetes , high blood pressure , high cholesterol , smoking …

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