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worst month of pregnancy

What is the worst month of pregnancy ?

We agree that pregnancy is one of the most wonderful and happy periods of our lives. It is a unique experience, with many positive things. But during the whole process there are also complicated and difficult moments. We went through 9 long months, which are divided into 3 quarters. But what is the worst month of pregnancy if it exists ?

The first trimester is a period of hormones rise and fall, revolution of feelings and emotions . Our body is preparing to house our son during the months that lie ahead. Not all women experience the same pregnancy, nor do they have the same discomfort .

Is there the worst month of pregnancy?

Many women can ask us what is the worst month of pregnancy? The reality is that there is not a single month that is worse than the rest . There are the quarters, and some are more complicated and more bothersome than others. But we can not say that it is for all women equally, people are unique and every pregnancy is also unique.

We will analyze each quarter and some of the most frequent symptoms in each one of them. And from there, we can be ourselves who can answer the question.

Common disturbances in the first trimester (Week 1 to 12)

In most women, the first three months of pregnancy (first trimester) are the worst . The body of the woman is a hotbed of hormonal changes that cause us different symptoms that are annoying. Also these months are complicated, we should not make too many efforts because there is a greater risk of losing the baby.

Among the frequent complaints may be one, several or none, during this quarter are:

  • Tiredness : Due to hormones such as progesterone, we feel tired. In addition, we have continuous desire to sleep. It is due to the hormone revolution that is taking place.
  • Nausea and vomiting : It is thought to be due to hormones (gonadotropin and progesterone). Our body is reacting to many changes and our digestive system becomes slower. These symptoms usually disappear after the first trimester. This situation makes this the worst pregnancy month for many.
  • Swelling sensation : This is due to the stretching of the muscles of the uterus, not the growth of the baby.
  • Frequent urge to urinate : When growing, the uterus presses the bladder and makes you have constant desire to go to the bathroom.
  • Dizziness and headache : It is usually caused by a drop in blood pressure, due to an increase in blood circulation.
  • Constipation : This symptom may be present throughout the pregnancy. It is advisable to drink two liters of water a day and eat a balanced diet.
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Common disturbances in the second quarter (Week 13 to 28)

For many women this quarter is the best . Vomiting and nausea have passed. We are not as heavy as we are going to find in the third quarter and the day to day is more bearable.

The worst of this quarter are the tests to check that everything is fine, and that your baby is developing correctly.

The frequent discomforts during this quarter:

  • Cramps : They are typical of this quarter. Take a diet rich in calcium and magnesium.
  • Swelling of the feet and hands : Due to fluid retention. It is good to rest and put your feet up.
  • Stains on the skin : Especially on face and hands.
  • Nasal congestion : To avoid confusing it with a cold, make sure you do not have other symptoms, such as fever or discomfort. If so, you should visit the doctor.

Common disturbances in the second quarter (Week 28 to 40)

In this last trimester of pregnancy we are heavier, since the baby weighs more . Fatigue and partial displacement of the spine return, problems sleeping, etc. The immense desire to see the face of our baby will make this trimester seem interminable.

Some of the frequent discomforts that may occur during this quarter are:

  • Hemorrhoids : To avoid them, it is good to take a diet rich in fiber.
  • Back pain : This is because the child’s weight is increasing.
  • Rib pain : Due to the size of the uterus and the movements of the fetus.
  • Problems to sleep: Due to the difficulty to find a comfortable position or anxiety before the next arrival of childbirth.

Well, you know something more about the discomfort of each quarter . It is difficult to define the worst month of pregnancy. In general, the worst is the first and third trimesters. But each person is a world, and not everyone has to be the same. Yes, enjoy your pregnancy, it’s something unforgettable!

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