Treating Sexual Impotence as a Couple

Treatment of male sexual impotence is tricky business because treatment tends to involve a number of factors. First, it must be determined whether the root cause of impotence is physiological or psychological in nature. In some cases it can often be difficult to find the underlying cause of sexual impotence. Next, an appropriate treatment option must be found that can deliver satisfactory results with as few side effects as possible. Seeking treatment for sexual impotence as a couple involves its own sets of worries and questions. What type of couple is more likely to seek out treatment, and which are more likely to achieve results that they find satisfying? Here are some ideas of the sorts of behaviors and attitudes that healthy couples demonstrate in their quest for treatment of sexual intimacy issues.
The most successful couples are those that are able to communicate and problem solve effectively. This means that they are not embarrassed to bring up sexual intimacy issues in their relationship. They are forthcoming about their feelings and problems. Healthy couples also demonstrate the ability to be open without fear of judgment or accusation. Also, couples that are the most successful in treating male sexual episode are committed to working together throughout the course of treatment. They do not view sexual impotence as one partner’s “fault” or problem. Rather, they work together through the toughest times of treatment and persevere in their quest for satisfactory results.

Those couples that demonstrate success in treating sexual intimacy issues are also more apt to have a good sense of humor. While erectile function disorder is nothing to be laughed at, couples that retain their sense of humor throughout the treatment process are more likely to stay grounded and less likely to become stressed. While treatment can be stressful, humor is often a healthy way to deal with problems. It helps to keep things in perspective and balances the levity of the situation.
Another factor that can help determine a couple’s success quotient has to do with their sexual history. How long has sexual impotence issues been a part of the relationship? If sexual impotence has been a lingering problem for a while, this may be indicative that the relationship is not as healthy as it could be. Although erectile dysfunction can be a sensitive issue to discuss, it cannot be ignored with hopes that it will simply go away on its own. In fact, the opposite is true: issues of sexual intimacy must be discussed as soon as possible. By treating sexual impotence promptly, a couple is taking proactive steps to ensure the health of their sexual relationship. This type of proactive behavior is indicative of the health of the relationship.

Another factor that can help determine a couple’s ability to achieve satisfactory results from treatment of sexual impotency is their ability to stay grounded and realistic about the outcome of treatment. Couples should understand the risks and rewards of treatment, and they should strive to retain realistic expectations for the outcome of treatment.

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