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tobrex eye drops

Tobrex Eye Drops – Antibiotic to Treat Different Eye Conditions

Tobrex eye drops are an antibiotic to treat different eye conditions. However, without medical supervision, you can make the problem worse instead of better.

The tobrex eye drop is an antibiotic that is used to cure certain eye problems . Its use is the same as a normal eye drop . Through a few drops that should be put in the eyes following the doctor’s instructions, the problems we are having will be resolved effectively.

However, it is necessary to know what indications, contraindications and side effects have tobrex eye drops. Since, being an antibiotic we can suspect that it is quite strong . Therefore, its use should always be supervised by a doctor.

Uses of Tobrex

The tobrex eye drop is indicated for all those cases in which you are suffering from conjunctivitis whether it is bacterial or viral . Although it is a condition that usually evolves favorably, it presents many discomforts and can be complicated.

Also, the tobrex eye drop is indicated for those people who are suffering from keratitis or corneal ulcers . These two problems can be aggravated if they are not treated properly. With the use of this antibiotic will be under control.

Allergic conjunctivitis.

Perhaps many people may wonder , can I use tobrex eye drops if I use contact lenses? The truth is that yes, as long as your doctor has confirmed it. In principle, tobrex does not lose efficiency or generate a greater problem if contact lenses are used.

Its recommended use is one or two drops in each eye for mild or moderate infections every four hours. In case there is an infection or serious problem, it is recommended to put two drops each hour in each eye. Once an improvement is noticed, the above indications can be followed.


The contraindications of tobrex eye drops go hand in hand with possible allergies or hypersensitivity to certain components of this product. For example, hypersensitivity to tobramycin or to some of the components that the solution carries.

It is recommended to review each of the components well to avoid any unexpected reaction that may worsen the problem you are trying to solve. For this reason, it is better that this medicine is recommended by our doctor, who knows our history and will know how to recommend the most appropriate product.

In the event that some type of allergic reaction appears, swelling the eyes, there is some difficulty in breathing or there is itching in any part of the body, it should be interrupted and seek medical help as soon as possible.

What are the secondary effects?

Side effects of tobrex.

Like many other antibiotics and despite being an eye drop, tobrex eye drops can lead to some side effects that are necessary and accurate to consider. Some of them we will describe them below:

  • You may notice blurred vision after using tobrex eye drops , so it is recommended that you do not drive, or use heavy machines until this side effect has disappeared.
  • Wait 15 minutes before putting on the contact lenses in case it is used, as this allows the antibiotic to settle. If we use colored contact lenses, this product may affect its color.
  • If you are using other medications or other types of drops, it is best to inform the doctor . This could interfere or cause some kind of unexpected allergic reaction.

As we have been able to realize, the use of tobrex eye drops is, in principle, safe . However, acquiring it without a prescription could expose us to not solving the problem that is affecting us by not using the right product.

When we talk about antibiotics, it is important that we have the support of a doctor so that he can tell us if its use is appropriate or not for the situation we are suffering. This way we avoid major problems or unexpected allergic reactions .

Eye with conjunctivitis.

Antibiotics are very strong medicines . From here, we always recommend the importance of not self-medicating as this could adversely affect our health. If we want to self-medicate, better do it with natural products that are not aggressive.

Natural products can help us prevent diseases, but if we need something more effective or stronger, it will always be better to go to a professional who can tell us what will be best for us.

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