The Us Tallest Man Has Died – He Was Only 38

The news of the death of the tallest man in the US shocked many of us who read this website daily. I considered  Igor Vovkovinskiy to be one of my excellent friends. He was a great guy and will be missed by all of us who knew him.

The world lost a genuinely great man when Igor Vovkovinskiy passed away. At 6’5 (1.96 meters)”, he was one of the tallest men and still managed to be among the best. The fact he remained so dominant for so long is a testament to his immense talent. He will be missed by all who know him. He was born on November 11, 1980, in the small town of Prilosekovo, near the Ukraine-Russia border. Too bad we will never know how tall he would have grown because of his premature death. We know he was 6’5 (1.96 meters)” tall when he died on August 20, 2021.

What’s more, he had an older brother named Vladimir, who was also very tall. Unfortunately, he did not live to see Igor reach the apex of his career and become the world record holder for tallest man. But, no matter what obstacles life threw at him, Igor always found a way to overcome them and achieve his goals. He started his career as a dancer in the Russian National Ballet Company. But, after just three years, he gave up dancing to focus on his studies. He attended the Odesa State University in Ukraine and earned a degree in Economics.

He was also very creative and had a way of making things look easy even though they were not. In 2010, at age 27, he traveled to New York City to appear on “The Dr. Oz Show.” An adjudicator from Guinness World Records appeared on the show and declared him the tallest person in America at 7 feet (2.13 m).

That meant he also held the record for the world’s tallest man. He returned to his home in California and broke the record for the world’s tallest living man. He managed to do this by two-tenths of an inch and achieved a height of 7 feet (213.36 cm). The Guinness World Records recognized the achievement, and he received a certificate signed by the adjudicator. After that, he decided to focus on another goal: to become the world’s tallest man ever.

Sadly, Igor’s life was not all good. He faced “daily challenges” such as getting into cars, finding comfortable shoes, and squeezing into desks at school.

He would also find it challenging to use a computer mouse and struggle to open doors. Furthermore, he told his parents: There is no one like me. I can’t do what others do.

He had no choice but to use crutches for the rest of his life. Nevertheless, Igor has always been grateful for his life and his family. He is a massive fan of football and basketball. He also plays the guitar and sings.

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