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Smoking Erectile Dysfunction

How Does Smoking Cause Erectile Dysfunction?

smoking causes impotence and erectile dysfunctionWhat is the greatest terrorist threat to your penile erection on this planet? The international World Health Organization (WHO) might say, “Tobacco”. Here are a few smoking facts. Just one puff of tobacco smoke contains at least 4000 chemicals. Toxins make up 250 of them. Another 50 chemicals cause cancer. In fact, WHO also said that 50% of all cigarette smokers die from tobacco-related diseases. As if that’s not enough, clinical research supports that you need to quit smoking tobacco to overcome Erectile Dysfunction.

Just a note before we get started: To quit smoking is 1 of the 7 lifestyle changes required to prevent or fix Erectile Dysfunction. But, it’s important that you get advice from an Erectile Dysfunction doctor and psychologist for a complete Erectile Dysfunction treatment plan.

What is Tobacco ?

Tobacco comes from the leaves of the Nicotiana plant, and it grows in warm climates. Farmers process the leaves through curing (preservation process) and fermentation. Nicotiana leaves are rich in nicotine.

What is Nicotine ?

Nicotine is the addictive ingredient in a cigarette that makes it hard for a person to quit smoking or chewing tobacco.

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Mechanism of Action

The effects of smoking tobacco Products cause erectile dysfunction by:

  1. Making blood vessels narrow. This prevents your penis from reaching its full erection length, girth, and hardness.
  2. Damaging the lining of the blood vessels. This permanently prevents adequate blood flow from reaching your penis.
  3. Nicotine limits your body’s ability to produce a chemical compound called nitric oxide. Nitric oxide is responsible for opening your penile blood vessels wider to allow the erection to happen.
  4. Nicotine releases a double agent called norepinephrine. Norepinephrine is both a hormone and neurotransmitter (relays messages from the brain). It raises the stress level in your body prompting the release of a steroid called cortisol. Cortisol is calms the body down, but causes increased blood sugar levels. Elevated blood sugar levels cut down nitric oxide production.
  5. Nicotine raises your blood pressure and makes your heart beat faster. This causes wear and tear on your blood vessels. In time, they get worn out and are unable to dilate (widen) to allow enough blood to enter to pump up your penis to get an erection.
  6. Smoking is linked to cancer, diabetes, and heart disease. Each of these medical problems cause erectile dysfunction.

Chewing Tobacco Effects

Smokeless tobacco is not so innocent either. Chewing tobacco effects on your penis deal extra erectile dysfunction damage points. Reason being, gum disease from chewing tobacco is waiting to cause erectile dysfunction if you manage to avoid penile erection problems from tobacco alone

Fortunately, one of the benefits of quitting smoking is that your penile blood vessels will forgive you and your body will resume producing sufficient amounts of nitric oxide. This mean that you can avoid smoking-related erectile dysfunction if you stop using tobacco products before your body experiences permanent damage.

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