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Zudena is the generic name for Zydena, a medication that is theorized to help erectile dysfunction in men, as well as benign prostate hypertrophy, or BPH according to 8 weeks multi-centric clinical trial conducted in the US, Mexico, South Korea and Turkey to evaluate the Efficacy and Safety on more than 1000 males suffering from ED.

Zydena Launch

Erectile Dysfunction, or (ED), is a frustrating condition that affects millions of men, and it is one that can put a real damper on relationships.

Over the years, many different medications have hit the market to help men take back control of their performance in the bedroom, boost their self-confidence, and save their relationships. One of these medications is Zydena, and it is helping men in several ways since its 2005 launch.

Zydena 100 mg is manufactured by Dong-A Pharmaceutical Limited, a licensed South Korean pharmaceutical holding company since 1932 while the generic version ( Zudena 100 mg ) is manufactured by SunRise Remedies Private Limited, a well recognized Indian pharmaceutical company since 1993.

What’s Zydena Indication ?

Zydena is recommended to be used as a treatment by men who suffer from erectile dysfunction, or (ED). ED is a condition that causes problems for men when it comes to erection. ED makes it difficult for men to either get an erection that is sustainable for intercourse, or they are unable to get an erection at all.

Zydena is indicated for treatment of any type, or degree of erectile dysfunction issue. It is also used to help treat the symptoms of BPH, which is an enlarged prostate.

What are Zydena ingredients ?

Along with Udenafil, there are other ingredients that make up the pill, including, nitric oxide, lactose, colloidal silicon dioxide, L-hydroxypropylcellulose, maize starch, magnesium sterate, hydroxypropyl-LF, and talc. The outer shell is made up of other ingredients that give it its color and make it digestible.

Does Zydena work? If so, how?

Zudena 100 mg

Zudena 100 mg

Many men take Zydena to help them regain their love life and give positive claims that it does work to allow them to have erections, not only to help them have an erection, but it gives the better, stronger, and longer lasting erections so that they can engage in intercourse. But, how does it work to give them erections?

Zydena’s ingredients works to relax the smooth muscles of arteries and blood flow to the tissues of the penis so that the penis can grow erect. The nitric oxide in the medicine inhibits PDE-5, which is responsible for the component cGMP found in the cavernous body of the penis. When this happens, blood flow increases and the cavernous body fills, which is what causes an erection.

How long does Zydena take to work?

Zudena works for about 4-5 hours after taken, and usually begins to take effect about 30 minutes after you take it. This gives you plenty of time for opportunities of engaging in sexual activity, however, you must be sexually stimulated for the medication to work. The medication does not spontaneously produce erections without stimulation.

How long does Zydena keep you erect ?

Because Zydena stays in your system so long and is a once a day dose, the active time frame for Zydena is about 24 hours. You can continue to have sexual intercourse and engage in sexual activity as many times as you and your partner would like, during that 24-hour period.

Comparison: Zydena vs Viagra vs Cialis vs Levitra

There are a host of other ED medications that have been on the market for a long time. They are popular names that deal with this medical condition, and many men are very familiar with the names. The most common names of medications that deal with erectile dysfunction, include, Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra. These are doctor prescribed medications.

When it comes to choosing one, there really isn’t a whole lot of difference between them in how they work, how long they last and even with their side effects. They have basically the same mechanisms in which they can help men to achieve an erection sustainable enough for intercourse, and while one medication may last a little longer than another, they essentially all last about 4-5.

Cialis does have a bit of a quicker reaction time, which is about 15 minutes after you take it, and it can last for up to 6 hours after ingesting. Other than that, if you have a hard time achieving an erection with one, the chances are that you probably will not have anymore success getting an erection using any one of the other medications.

How do to take Zydena at the right dosage ?

Zydena comes in tablet form, in 100mg units. It is recommended that you take 100 mg of Zydena per day, as a daily regimen, or you can take it approximately 30 minutes before you anticipate engaging in sexual activities, as an on-demand dosage. If needed, you can increase your dosage to 200 mg a day, but this depends on the effectiveness of each individual and the individual’s tolerability. Never break or crush the tablet. It should be swallowed whole, and does not need a meal to be taken with it.

What’re the Side effects of Zydena ?

When you take Zydena, like with any medication, there is always a possible risk of side effects. Some may be mild, while others could be life threatening and immediate medical attention should be sought.

If you start having difficulty breathing, have swelling of the face, lips, tongue or throat, you should get medical attention immediately.

Other side effects may include, palpitations, flushing, dizziness, eye pain, prolonged erections, headache, and nasal congestion. Although these side effects may not be life threatening, you should stop taking the medication and see your doctor.

If you have any type of side effect not listed, you should also see your doctor. There has not been any research done on side effects of men over 71 years of age, and there are no reported side effects on the quality of sperm.

Precautions to consider before taking Zydena

Those with cardiovascular disease should not take this medication, especially since sexual activity is not even recommended for those with certain heart and cardiovascular issues, especially those with obstruction of blood outflow from the left ventricle.

There is also a risk for complications for those who tend to suffer from erections that last longer than 4 hours, and priapism (painful erections). These two conditions are more prone to happen with Zydena, and should be taken into consideration before using. These problems can lead to irreversible damage if not treated right away.

Here is a list of others who should not take Zydena pills, or take it with extreme caution:

  • Those who have uncontrolled BP, or BPs over 170/100
  • Those with hereditary degenerative diseases of the retina or Proliferative retinopathy
  • Those who have suffered from a stroke within 6 months
  • Those with myocardial or coronary bypass grafting
  • Those with uncontrolled heart rhythms or angina
  • Those with severe hepatic or renal impairments
  • Those with penile implants or deformities of the penis

Zydena Price

Zudena 100 mg pills

Zudena 100 mg, A generic version.

You can purchase Zydena in a number of different packets and numbers of pills under different trading names like Zydena, Zudena and Udzire.

For a pack of four, you can expect to pay $65.99. For a pack of eight, you will pay $114.99, and a count of 16 will run you $216.99. As you get higher in count, you do get more of a break in price, but it does get more expensive.

For instance, although you are seeing a bit of a price break when you purchase a pack of 32, you are still paying $415.99 for the pack.

Zydena cost per pill may differs from country to country due to licensing fees. Zydena is popular in countries like South Korea, Singapore, the Philippines, Russia and Turkey.

Buying Zydena online for big saving

You can purchase Zydena online, which is a big convenience for a lot of men. When you can order your medication online, it eliminates having to make trips to the pharmacy.

What do customers say about Zydena?

After checking a lot of reviews by scientists and researchers, Customers have expressed their happiness with Zydena, stating that it worked for them the way it said it would. They also talk about it being easy to obtain, use and had problems with it.

Review Conclusion

Zydena is a well-received medication by men who suffer from erectile dysfunction disorders. It is easy and convenient to use, and easy to order, being that you can conveniently order online and not have to deal with doctors and prescription refills, or trips to the pharmacy.

Of course, you will always want to make sure it is safe for you to have sex before you embark on getting medication that will help you be able to experience sexual intercourse, and once you are clear to do so, you will also want to make sure that Zydena is safe for you by making sure your doctor knows you are on it to see that it will not have any contraindications in any other medical issues you have, or with any other medication you are taking.

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