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X-Cheap-Pills.com isn’t safe to buy medications online as it’s fake pharmacy website. In this review, I’ll tell you why you shouldn’t use it for getting your RX needs.

This website claims to be operated by a Canadian company named “Canadian Pharmacy Ltd” that is licensed for online pharmacy practice in Canada with an International license number 12045991 issued 17 Aug 2016. After extensive investigation, I’ve found that this domain name ( X-Cheap-Pills.com ) has been registered On 2017-05-29 using an offshore domain register who facilitate the criminals to get domains for their online fraud activities. I’ve noticed that the domain register has been paid extra cost to hide the identity of those who’s operating this website.

X-Cheap-Pills.com Overview

X-Cheap-Pills.com stats that it’s a legitimate seller with awesome prices. Well, the website offers low priced products but it doesn’t deliver products and if it does, the customer will get fake starch pills that don’t work.

1- Secure online ordering:
This website isn’t secure as it doesn’t https protocol to protect customers personal and financial data from hackers.
2- Free Pills with every order:
Yes, they offer free pills scheme to make people input credit card data to shack it and use for unauthorized charges.
3- Free Shipping on all orders above $200:
Another false incentive to scam innocent customers by offering free shipping.

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