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For the 31% of males with erectile dysfunction, Vigora is manna from heaven. An oral generic formulation of Viagra, the drug acts just like Brand Viagra but for a longer period of time. Many patients have benefited by taking this pill, taking their relationships to a new level!

Vigora is known between men as  Red Viagra due to the pill color and the same effects of Pfizer brand.

It’s available for sale at 50mg and 100mg dosages.

How does Vigora work ?

Vigora 100mgVigora being a generic of Viagra contains Sildenafil Citrate. This active ingredient is an enzyme type 5 inhibitor. It blocks production of PDE5 during sexual arousal, which in turn allows the nitric oxide to work, sending more blood flowing into the vital areas for a male erection!

Does Vigora work ?

Yes , it works perfectly.

You can start feeling the effects of the drug after 15 minutes from ingestion. If taken half an hour to one hour before sexual activity, you can take total advantage of the pill and this effect lasts for a period of 48 hours compared to Viagra which is in the blood for only 4-5 hours.

Care must be taken to have only one pill a day or as and when needed as overdose can lead to complications.

Side effects and precautions

Generic Vigora 100mg pillsDosage of this pill should be carefully adhered to. It can be taken only on requirement or a maximum of 1 pill per day. An overdose of Vigora 100mg can cause a severe drop in blood pressure which can cause dizziness, fainting, irregular heartbeat, blurring of vision and chest pain.

Particularly, patients of heart diseases should not take this drug or on consultation with a doctor. Also patients taking nitrate based medications should avoid the drug as this further reduces blood pressure and affects the optic nerve. This could lead to impairment of vision.

Some of the lesser side effects are

  • Heart burn
  • Dizziness
  • Indigestion
  • Stomach upset
  • Diarrhea
  • Flushing
  • Reddening of face or neck
  • Fainting

Sometimes it is known to cause painful erections or prolonged erections in which case medical advice should be sought immediately.

Where should I Buy stock of Vigora Online ?

The internet is teaming with online drug stores claiming to sell the cheapest ED pills. Since this pill can be had without a prescription, it is easy to get fooled into buying fake pills. Always buy from approved druggists even if it is not the cheapest shop online. These Online Pharmacies are generic online drugstores where you can buy your stock of Vigora. It is a trustworthy and reliable online pharmacy for all ED requirements. A pill of Vigora will cost you approximately $2-4 depending of what is the bulk of your purchase. A pack of 180 pills is more economical than that of 10 pills.

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