Viabestbuy Review – Rogue pharmacy without proof of authenticity

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0 Reviews claims to be a certified online pharmacy selling erectile dysfunction reliable medicines ( Ed Pills ) without a prescription needed, promising to deliver medicines with super fast shipping for free!!

By browsing Viabestbuy website, you will notice that the store has a lot of claims like best effectiveness quality and low cost trusted generics without verifying these claims through laboratory tests or real customers testimonials.

Via best buy Review in depth

During my investigation to bring you the most honest review for this store, I’ve found the following ;

1- Via Best Buy has started selling Ed pills on 2016-09-27 which is a big warning sign.

2- Via Best Buy is managed by Russian and Indian criminals who dropship medicines from MUMBAI  in India without a prescription from licensed doctor.

3- Scamming customers by selling brand Pfizer Viagra while delivering Malegra 100 mg and the same for brand Cialis while delivering Tadarise 20 mg !!

4- Offering 35% discount when paying with bitcoin !!! It’s the same fraud practice of inhouse pharmacy.

5-  Very low prices in comparison to any other legit online pharmacy !!

6- Shipping medicines within 2 hours of ordering 😀 !! for you knowledge, Indian post offices working from 12 noon to 8 pm daily. Saturdays and Sundays are considered to be non working daysSaturday is not classed as a working day unfortunately. Working days are Monday-Friday.

7-  Claiming of having 867,110 happy customers from the US only is joke :D. Most popular big mail order pharmacies don’t have this 6 figures of customers.

Viabestbuy Shipping options

Claiming 7 days guaranteed delivery isn’t true as the delivery takes 10-15 days to the united states while its Regular shipping takes 3 weeks.

Customers should note that their orders from this site may get seized by American customs authorities in due getting medicines from FDA non-safe manufacturers, Viabestbuy has mentioned this on its website but in a hidden webpage, we was lucky to find it 🙂

Viabestbuy Discount coupons

One of the popular scam practices is offering discount coupons to incentivize innocent customers to order, Viabestbuy offers $20 off first time orders in addition to $25 off next time orders!

“Use coupon USD20 now and come back for more!”

Customers Complaints

In my investigation journey to bring you a detailed review about this pharmacy, I’ve found the following complaints and reviews by customers who have ordered from Viabestbuy.

A customer review about the cost of generic Viagra in comparison to other pharmacies that he has used in the past

Viabestbuy customer review

A customer review about Viabestbuy customer support

Viabestbuy Customer complaints

Fake Doctor Testimonials

Fake doctor review paid by

In recent years, scammers have started using, an online platform that offers mini tasks for low prices that begin at $5 to purchase fake testimonials to boost the sales.

It’s a well known phishing practice reported to me by experienced shoppers.

Fiverr has a disclaimer on their site, stating:

“Sellers in this category are actors. The testimonials they provide on your behalf are paid, promotional materials, and you should indicate this to your customers.”


Overall Review Conclusion

After this in-depth investigation, customers shouldn’t use this scam online pharmacy. It’s Too Good to Be True SCAM. Having an American phone number ( 347-539-5268 ) doesn’t mean its shipping from the U.S.

After placing an order on website, They turn out to be very uncommunicative, ignorining customers shipping and quality complaints. We don’t recommend this rogue internet pharmacy that had no proof of authenticity verification.

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