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If having sexual relations has become impossible dude to ED, or erectile dysfunction, you’re not alone. There are millions of men who have trouble achieving or maintaining an erection substantial to letting them have pleasurable relations with their significant other.

Super P force Blue PillToday, you don’t have to let your relationships fall by the wayside if you still want to enjoy a meaningful relationship in the bedroom. There are many different medications that can help men either be able to perform better and regain their sex life and their confidence in bed. Super P-Force is one that works in two different ways to give you the best sexual experiences you can have.

Super P-Force Indications

Super P-Force is indicated for men who are not able to achieve an erection, or a strong enough erection that is substantial for penetration. It is also indicated for those who are not able to control their ejaculations and suffer from premature ejaculation, which can be very disruptive to a sexual experience. This is a dual-action medication that can rectify two separate problems when it comes to sex.

Super P-Force Ingredients

There are multiple ingredients in Super P-Force. Sildenafil is one ingredient, and the other is dapoxetine. While Sildenafil works to relax the vessels in the penis to allow for better blood flow, dapoxetine is an anti-depressant in the serotonin-norepinephrine class.

Does Super P-Force work? How?

Super P-Force works by relaxing the blood vessels in the penis to allow for better blood flow into the organ to help it get hard and stay hard enough for penetration and better performance. PDE5 is the enzyme that causes ED in men, and Sildenafil blocks this enzyme so that the blood flows smooth and plentiful to the organ for strong, last-lasting erections. The Serotonin in the medication, helps to relax the mental state of men so that they feel more relaxed and confident. And norepinephrine increases the level of dopamine in the blood, which can increase a man’s sexual desire and romantic feelings. These together work to correct ED, and prevent premature ejaculation.

Super P-Force duration of action

Super P force Strip boxSuper P-Force has a long-action of up to four hours once it gets into your blood stream. This means that you have up to four hours to work with in achieving an erection to have sexual relations. This gives you the opportunity to be as spontaneous as you want within that time frame, which means you won’t have the pressure of having to make it happen right after taking the medication.

Super P-Force vs Viagra vs Cialis

While Viagra and Cialis are a couple of popular medications known to treat ED, and are two of the first ones to ever hit the market, they are not as well-rounded for the treatment of ED as Super P-Force. Viagra and Cialis help to relax the smooth vessels in the penis to allow for better blood flow for better, strong erections, however, Super P-Force also gives men a leg-up on their game. It helps to control ejaculations so that they can perform better and longer for a more satisfying sexual experience.

Dosage: How to take Super P-Force?

The dosage is one, 160 mg pill a day. You can take it with or without food, but it should never be chewed or crushed. Swallow the pill whole with a full glass of water. You should wait a full 24 hours before taking another pill. Take the pill approximately 30 minutes prior to having sex, and you must be sexually excited in order for you to achieve an erection.

Side effects

There’s always a risk of side effects with any medication, and there is a risk of side effects with Super P-Force. While most side effects are minor, there is always a risk of serious side effects with any drug. If you experience sudden swelling of the tongue or throat, or difficulty swallowing, you should seek immediate medical attention. Less severe side effects may include, dizziness, nasal congestion, facial flushing, headache, nausea, visual disturbances, digestive disturbances, and priapism (erection lasting longer than four hours and should be treated right away). There are many other side effects that are possible, and if you experience any effects that are unpleasant, feel serious, or last longer than a couple days, you should see your doctor.


You should not take this medication if you have any type of allergy to any of the ingredients. If you have a heart condition or have had a stroke, diabetes, or liver problems, you should avoid this medication. If you are taking any type of Nitrate medication, you should not take Super P-Force, as this can cause a severe drop in blood pressure.


You can purchase Super P-Force in different quantities. Different sites online will charge different prices, but typically you the higher the quantity of pills, the bigger the savings. You can purchase 64 pills for $140.00, and 96 pills for $200. If you purchase 200 pills, you will pay $324, and for 512 pills, you will be charged $666. There are other quantities and prices in between, and it will depend on your desires and needs as to you purchase.

Buying Super P-Force online

Buying Super P-Force online is quick, easy, and most of all, convenient. You will love being able to order what you want, when you want, and have it all delivered right to your front door. For those who don’t have to time to run to pharmacies, or like for their business to remain anonymous, this is a perfect solution.

Super P Force Customer reviews

Customers that have been using Super P-Force, seem to be in agreement that the medication does provide them with the benefits it describes. Men have been commenting that they have seen noticeable differences in their erections. They are not only able to achieve erections, but they are hard and strong, and they last long, well enough to achieve intercourse, and make it last all the way to completion. They don’t have to worry about premature ejaculation when taking Super P-Force, which means more satisfying sexual experiences, and more confidence with their partner.

Editor conclusion

Whether you suffer from ED, premature ejaculation, or both, Super P-Force can give you back your confidence in bed and with your partner. Your partner will wonder where you got your stamina and your ability to go for hours without having to worry about finishing, long before she wants to. If you have been given the green-light by your doctor for having sex but physically your erections aren’t what they once were, you may want to discuss trying Super P-Force with your doctor to see if this is something he would recommend for you.

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