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Eriacta is a generic equivalent of brand Viagra, known in the treatment for impotence in men. About one person in every thousand suffers from this problem, making life depressing. Eriacta is manufactured by Ranabxy.

Does Eriacta Work ?

Use of Eriacta has been known to help in attaining a strong erection and alleviates impotence, bringing back confidence and inducing a more active sexual life.

It has improved the life of millions of people around the world.

How long does Eriacta 100mg last?

Men who have used Eriacta have stated that they have got an good erection that lasts for 4 hours. These results from actual consumers matches the proven research data by scientific trials and studies done on Sildenafil citrate.

It should be taken half an hour to one hour before intended sexual intercourse.

How Does Eriacta act ?

Eriacta 100mg pillsThe active ingredient is generic Eriacta is the same as brand Viagra. Sildenafil Citrate is the active compound.

It becomes active when stimulated by arousal.

Any stimulus or sexual arousal releases nitric oxide which induces the drug to become active and enhances smooth muscle relaxation, increases blood flow to the male organ, producing an erection.

Precautionary measures while using Eriacta pills

It is customary to visit a physician before trying out any ED pills. If one is suffering from heart, liver or kidney disorders, it is better to avoid taking Eriacta 100mg pills.

Also people known to have allergies must refrain from using Eriacta. Apart from these conditions also, it is advisable to consult the doctor before starting a course of treatment for erectile dysfunction.

This drug is not to be taken by women and kids. Patients taking other types of ED pills or who are on treatment already must not take this drug in addition to others. Also if a patient is on nitrates for heart problems, it is best avoided.

What are the known Eriacta Side effects ?

Eriacta pills boxAllergies are rare with Eriacta but if symptoms due crop up, a doctor should be consulted immediately. Other rare side effects reported are headache, heartburn, dizzy feeling, stomach upsets, nasal congestion and diarrhea or sometimes flushing, all pass off after a while.

Silderafil Citrate is a potent drug and should not be taken with grape fruit or grape fruit juice. One pill per day is allowed and not more than that. It is better not to have a heavy meal before the intake of the drug as it may affect the effectiveness of the drug.

How to store Eriacta pills ?

Eriacta must be stored away from light and moisture. It is best not to keep it in the bathroom. It must be stored at a temperature of 20-25° C.

Where to buy Eriacta pills Online ?

Eriacta is available in pills of 100mg. Most reliable online sources for Eriacta are listed here. These pharmacies are an approved stockist for Eriacta and other similar ED pills of best quality. The prices are not only cheap but are competitive too. Frequent visitors to the website can avail of good bargains when there are offers and promotions.

Even otherwise, Eriacta is available at a discount of $1.31 per pill when you purchase a pack of 360 pills which would otherwise cost you $3.00 per pill if you pick up a pack of 10 pills. It is therefore more economical to buy in bulk. Get your supply of Eriacta overnight without a prescription.

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