Alldaychemist Review : Can You Trust this Scam ?

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0 Reviews is an Indian managed online pharmacy store, established on 2002. All Day Chemist sells generic medicines without a prescription needed to Australia, UK and USA.

Due to FDA, Interpol and Europol stress on credit card payment processors, companies like Visa, American Express and MasterCard have stopped working with Alldaychemist.

While it’s in the business of selling medicines for around 13 years. We don’t recommend buying from this scam pharmacy. Just keep reading this in depth review to find out why we consider it non legit.

Does Alldaychemist require prescription ?

The short answer is No, but sometime they stress on a prescription as a reliable requirement to accept the order even after they accept the payment before canceling orders and refunding the money back.

What Are The Payment Methods ?

All Day Chemist offers wire transfers and E-CHECK money orders as payment options. After contacting the customer support phone number, they said “we don’t take credit cards like Visa and MasterCard.”

What Are The shipping times ?

After placing orders, ADC takes 5 to 10 days to ship orders out which isn’t good if you’re in emergency to get medicines ASAP.

What Are The Delivery times ?

This depends on your location, but most orders take 30 days for delivery to mailing address/PO box. We analyzed a lot of online reviews and found that most of scam complaints due to long delivery times.

Why Shouldn’t You Trust Alldaychemist Anymore ?

1- False shipping claims

While AlldayChemist claims shipping medicines from its approved warehouses in India, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Mauritius and the United States. Based on our reviewers feedback, we have found that the medicines are sourced from India and Turkey. In rare cases, they import brand medicines in bulk from UK, Spain, Germany, USA and then reship from India.

2- Low quality or fake pills

Alldaychemist states on its website that medicines are shipped from warehouses that are approved by regulatory authorities. There’re many quality complaints submitted by buyers on legit review sites like TrustPilot. Many customers have stated that the ordered medicines from AlldayChemist don’t work at all.

3- Very slow delivery times

The products prices may be lower than your neighbor pharmacy but expect getting the medicines within 30 days after ordering. Although it claims they have 5 – 15 days fast delivery, they has a hidden page on their website where they state that the average delivery time is 30 days.

Quote from All Day chemist website: “Please allow 30 business days from the day the order was shipped. If after 30 days, you have not received the order, or if you received any notification that your order was on hold or returned to sender, please send us a ticket (contact us) and we act on your request promptly.”

4- Lack of customer support

Alldaychemist has a commitment for 24 hours customer support, this is false as based on customers feedback, we have figured that its support team doesn’t respond to customers emails in case of non delivery. Even after sending many emails, don’t expect to hear back from them at all.

5- False order quantity

Some customers have experienced getting orders in quantities less than what they have paid for. For example, an American customer has stated that she ” only received 2 eye liner Brushes instead of the 6″ and in another order she “received the 6 bottles but not the brushes”.

6- Annoying spam calls

Some customer have told us the they were lucky to get the orders delivered but the orders came with a lot of spam phone calls several times a week to re-order. Although Alldaychemist has a “Do not call” feature, it has been reported that even if this enabled, unsolicited spam calls don’t stop.

7- Customs return problems

Customs refuses entry of your order due to as there is no way for customs to know whether the medications are legitimate, the customs’ officer will usually return all medications to the origin pharmacy as a precaution based on FDA regulations regarding Alldaychemist orders.

Due to numerous scam complaints about compromised quality, the health authorities has identified orders shipped by Alldaychemist to be non safe for use, so FDA has stressed on Customs authorities to not release products to protect consumers health.

8- Short expiry date

Most of in stock medicines, have 6 months expiry date, which isn’t a good sign. After delivery, this become 5 months expiry date which a risk if you don’t take your medicines frequently.

Alldaychemist Scam9- Suspicious transactions

Our blog readers has noticed that the name of the charge may differ from order to order even if you use the same card. It may be “Natural Seller” or “Ultra_Health” or “Web HerbCare”.

10- No tracking numbers

This pharmacy doesn’t provide tracking codes/numbers to check the status or location of orders.

11- Reshipment takes 20 days

12- Non original packaging

Medicines are delivered in blister packs not in their original boxes.

13- Damaged packaging

14- Wrong medication

Beside delivering the wrong medication, there are many complaints about getting a wrong dosage. A customer has reported that he has ordered a generic Viagra 100 mg but got Viagra 50 mg.

15- Fraud credit card charges

Double charges occur on second or third orders. Something is fishy here ?!

16- Delay dispatch shipping

after ordering a drug from Alldaychemist, they take 10 days to ship orders out of the warehouse.

AllDaychemist Review Conclusion

Based on these highlighted issues, We don’t recommend as a safe or trustworthy supplier to our blog readers due to negative customer feedback, fake quality, long term delivery problems.

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One Customer Review

  1. All day chemist WAS reliable. It’s in India.

    The Customer support agents aren’t very personable and seems sort of rude if you reveal personal things to them, about your medical history. I definitely feel they need to be more professional.

    My order lasted 5 months for delivery. You sort of get rushed in and out of there.

    People need to stop saying All Day Chemist is safe just because it sells pills for a competitive rate…you have to look at the actual quality of your care.

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