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8 Reasons to Never Buy Kamagra + 3 Erection Tips

kamagra is known as ‘cheap Viagra’. The pill would help you fight your erectile dysfunction, and that at a lower price than the well-known pill Viagra. That sounds pretty ideal, a pill that helps you get a stiff penis again, without it costing a lot of money.

However, you can already hear it: there is a catch, and actually more than one. Does Kamagra really help to correct your erection problems? Does it work just as well as Viagra? Are there any unpleasant side effects of Kamagra? In this article you discover it all on the basis of 8 reasons never to buy Kamagra. At the end of the article you will discover how you can get your erection back.

What is Kamagra?

Kamagra is a pill with which you can get an erection. Kamagra contains the same active ingredient as Viagra, namely sildenafil . However, Viagra has a patent and is therefore an official brand name. This means that the producer of Viagra (Pfizer) can ask a lot of money for the well-known blue pill, because they are the only ones allowed to make the product.

Kamagra is made in India, where the Viagra patent does not apply. The pill contains essentially the same substances as Viagra, only it is sold at a lower price . That is why Kamagra is also called ‘generic Viagra’. Similar pills are made in other countries, all with different names.

Kamagra is officially only available on doctor’s prescription , but you can still buy it online on various websites. Since the Viagra patent expired in 2013, a lot of cheap versions have come onto the market. You do not need a prescription or something like that. Ideally you would think, but this is one of the disadvantages of Kamagra. I will come back to this later.

How does Kamagra work?

The active substance in Kamagra is, as mentioned, sildenafil. What exactly does this substance do?

Sildenafil provides dilation of certain blood vessels.

Sildenafil is therefore also used in, for example, pulmonary arterial hypertension – too high blood pressure in the pulmonary vessels. Sildenafil lowers blood pressure and makes the heart work less hard. This is where the substance was originally developed, until the researchers found out that it also had a positive effect on your erection .

Your erection is triggered by substances that cause the blood vessels in your penis to dilate. Sildenafil ensures that these substances are broken down less quickly. This keeps the blood vessels in your penis longer, allowing more blood to flow and you can maintain an erection longer .

Reasons to Avoid Kamagra use

If you take Kamagra, it takes about half an hour before you begin to notice the effect. Note: sexual stimulation is still needed to get an erection. The drug has its peak at about an hour after taking it. After about 4 hours your erection disappears again: long enough to have sex we would say!

I put the emphasis on “would”, because that is under the condition that Kamagra is a good product against erection problems – and it is not. I will now explain to you my 8 main reasons why you should never order Kamagra. Do you know how to treat your erectile dysfunction? I’ll tell you that afterwards!

You never know if you are buying a fake product

As I said, the patent on Viagra has expired since 2013. Immediately several manufacturers started to make cheap versions of Viagra, including Kamagra. Here, however, things go badly wrong.

The production of Kamagra is not checked.

There is no control whatsoever on the production of Kamagra. So you do not have a mark or something like that, for pills that are of good quality. As a result, you never really know what you get at home. Especially online there is an incredible amount of junk on the market, which is sold as the official product. Research has shown that about 60% of sildenafil in the Netherlands comes from illegal trade ( source ).

You can of course understand that it is dangerous to buy fake medicines. You never know what harmful substances are in these products. Sometimes you do not notice this, sometimes you suddenly discover a bad side effect due to the combination with another medicine. There are even stories that cheap Kamagra is produced with toxic chloren.

Look what you see on the internet when you search for “Buy Kamagra”. Most sites look very unreliable , with poorly translated texts in poor Dutch. Supposedly these sites have good reviews, but you never know to what extent they are reliable. There is actually a simple rule regarding Kamagra buying:

If it seems too cheap to be true, it is often the case.

I strongly advise you to buy Kamagra online without a prescription. If you really want it, take a good look at where you buy Kamagra . You do not want to come with cheap fake pills that do not work, or worse – that are harmful to you. Save your body rather than your wallet and go for the reliable (and more expensive) version!

Official Kamagra is expensive

If you want to order the “real” Kamagra, you will lose quite a bit of money. The so-called official version costs you ten euros per pill . That means you lose ten euros for every erection! You can already see how foolish that is. On an annual basis you have lost hundreds of euros to Kamagra.

I also say ‘supposedly official’, because Kamagra is not tested for side effects and the like. So there is not one whole official Kamagra pill, which may make it even more dangerous. After all, you assume that the more expensive pill is also better and safer, but who says that this is also the case if the pill is never tested?

Then of course there are the cheaper versions. These costs are at most a few euros per pill. That is still quite a lot; pay a few euros to get an erection. Condoms are generally cheaper – and you will probably still need them, even if you use Kamagra.

That the cheap versions of Kamagra are not the best solution, you can understand that if you have read the previous reason. You have no idea what ingredients contain pills and how harmful they are to you. Even for those few euros you can not take the risk. Kamagra can have unpleasant side effects.

Kamagra can have unpleasant side effects

The well-known erection pill Viagra already has side effects. These are generally harmless, such as headaches or mild dizziness, and do not occur too often. The official version of Kamagra has about the same side effects. That is not so bad – if you are sure that you have the good pills in the house.

With illegal fake products it is never certain what the side effects are.

You do not know which ingredients contain the pills. So everything could go wrong! So never order Kamagra on the internet. Always consult your doctor first if you decide to order Kamagra (or a similar product).

Headaches and dizziness still sound innocent, with a very small number of users also serious side effects. You should think of an increased heart rate or palpitations , diarrhea, problems with perception and flu symptoms. These occur in only a few percent of Kamagra users.

Finally, in some cases Kamagra causes a very long lasting erection . This may not sound like a problem, but it is! A too long erection can damage the erectile organs in your penis, and that is the last thing you want.

If you notice that your erection lasts longer than 4 hours and it starts to become painful, contact your doctor immediately. You are then probably oversensitive to sildenafil. Tell your doctor that you have taken Kamagra (sildenafil), then he / she can come up with the best solution.

Bad interactions with other medications

Kamagra itself occasionally causes side effects. In addition, Kamagra can have negative effects in combination with certain disorders or other medications . The following list contains a number of situations where you can not use Kamagra if you …

  • … had a stroke in the last six months ;
  • … taking medicines with nitrate , such as vasodilators, or poppers (drugs);
  • … swallows various types of antibiotics ;
  • … have heart problems or have had the past six months;
  • … suffer from a serious eye disease ;
  • … swallows HIV inhibitors ;
  • … take medication against prostate complaints.

So there are quite a few situations in which you absolutely can not take Kamagra. Are you unsure whether you can use Kamagra or similar pills in your situation? Talk to your doctor – or stay away from the pills completely!

Kamagra is often illegally produced in criminal circuits

I have already mentioned the many fake versions of Kamagra that are sold on the internet. These pills are of course not legal, otherwise they would be checked for harmful substances and the like. Where do these pills come from?

Right, from the criminal circuit .

Erection pills are extremely popular , but also very expensive. Many (especially Asian) criminal organizations also know that – and understand that a lot of money can be made with illegal alternatives. For example, giant criminal circuits have been created around the illegal production of erectile pills.

The only goal of these organizations is clear: to make as much profit as possible. They want to produce the pills as cheaply as possible and sell them at optimal profit . Because they use all kinds of cheap (read: unreliable) ingredients, they can sell the pills at a relatively low price.

People like you see that Kamagra is sold on the internet at much lower prices, so they think: hebbes! A pill that works just as well as Viagra, but much cheaper! And so the criminal business is maintained. People earn money illegally by producing these kinds of fake pills.

Other people are the victim of it again. On the internet you can read stories of people who are forced to sell Kamagra, with all the risks that entails. There are probably hundreds of people in Asia who are being exploited, to make fake Kamagra as cheaply as possible. Do you want to contribute to these criminal practices by buying Kamagra? I hope not!

You can be scammed by web shops

The internet is a treacherous place. Everyone can set up everything without being directly checked. This is especially true for web shops . Nowadays there is a huge number of web shops, so you often can not see the forest through the trees. You do not know which sites are reliable and which you try to light up.

In the past it was still clear to distinguish the real work of forgery. Illegal sites often looked unclear and unreliable ; the websites were badly designed and were full of spelling mistakes. Nowadays, these sites also look much more professional, making the ignorant consumer sometimes the victim.

This is especially true for matters such as erectile pills , which are of great interest to criminals. There are a lot of sites with something of ‘buying kamagra’ in the url, which are not all equally reliable.

These sites promise to sell expensive pills such as Kamagra at a very low price.

You can then buy fake products, as I explained in reason 1. However, you can also just be scammed and do not receive anything at all. Especially if you have ordered Kamagra in large quantities, you can lose a lot of money.

Of course you can always be scammed via the internet, even if you do not buy erection pills. For most products, however, there are reliable sites, such as bol.com. You know there almost certainly that your product really gets sent home, or at least you can get your money back if that does not happen.

However, this does not apply to erectile pills. This is a much too dark branch, because most erectile pills are actually only available on doctor’s prescription. So avoid getting scammed and do not buy Kamagra online!

You can not have sex with Kamagra spontaneously

Another, practical disadvantage of Kamagra is that you can never have sex again spontaneously .

You have to take Kamagra 30 minutes before sex.

This means that you always have to know when you are going to have sex, so that you can still take the pill on time. You will always have to schedule the sex – not really the sexiest thing there is … You must always know at least half an hour in advance that you are going to have sex, otherwise it is not possible.

What is the best sex for you? Chances are that it is spontaneous sex, if you are suddenly very horny. The moment is actually not ideal, but that does not matter to you at that moment. You just want sex – and now. Do you know that feeling? That is therefore no longer possible if you take Kamagra.

You may get an erection again, but how would it feel to know exactly when you are going to have sex? You will probably be fed up at a given time. You just want to have spontaneous sex whenever you want. The problem of Kamagra is that it does not solve the underlying causes, so you can not just have sex anymore.

I will now go into that.

Kamagra does not solve the real cause of the problem

You probably already know, but I’ll tell you for the sake of clarity: every time you want to have sex, you need a pill Kamagra. If it’s good, you have to ask yourself something. Does it make sense to swallow Kamagra? It is not a permanent solution, because you have to take a new pill every time. That is Kamagra ‘s biggest problem .

Because Kamagra does not solve the underlying causes, you have to take the pill again and again. You will always suffer from side effects, and always have to wait until your erection disappears again. And the most annoying thing: you have to pay for Kamagra every time . You have lost hundreds of euros per year, only to get an erection!

That is ridiculous? Especially when you consider how uncertain it really is that Kamagra actually gives a better erection, without too many side effects. The chance that you get scammed by a web shop or get a fake product is not negligible. All in all Kamagra is certainly not the best way to solve your erection problems. But how can you get an erection again?

Tips to get an erection in a natural way

It would be a shame to leave you disillusioned, now that you know that Kamagra does not reliably help you get an erection. That’s why you get 3 useful tips here to get rid of your erectile dysfunction in a natural way .

A healthy body, a healthy erection

Do you eat fast food more than once a week? Or do you never actually do sports, except to keep Netflix marathons? Then I have bad news for you:

Unhealthy lifestyles are the biggest culprits for a healthy erection.

The most important of these is overweight . Overweight people are nearly 4 times as likely to have erectile dysfunction. Do you already regret that pizza from yesterday? Besides being overweight a lot of other harmful effects on your body, you can get erectile dysfunction.

In addition, smoking is an important factor. People who smoke are also about 4 times as likely to get erection problems. It can be worse: do you smoke and are you overweight? Then the chance is 16 times that you get problems with your erection. That’s a huge amount!

It is therefore important to start losing weight and stop smoking as soon as possible. I advise you to do this in steps, because otherwise it can not be sustained. Reduce your number of cigarettes per day and slowly start eating healthier and exercise more. This way you can enjoy healthy body and healthy erections at a given moment.

Come out of your lazy chair!

The main solution for erectile dysfunction is movement . Research has shown that more exercise is one of the few proven ways to reduce erectile dysfunction. You do not suddenly have to become a top athlete: at least 30 minutes of exercise per day can make the difference! For example, think of:

  • With the bike to work
  • Taking a walk during lunch
  • More often and longer, let the dog out
  • Taking a new sport as a hobby
  • Go to the gym with your friends

Reducing stress

Treating exercises mean that your partner caresses you about your body, but not about your penis. You will learn to re-evaluate the touches of your partner. The focus is not on ‘sexual performance’, but simply on enjoyment. The idea is that you get slowly excited, because the touches of your girlfriend are getting closer to your erogenous zones.

Because it happens slowly, your head is less focused on necessarily getting an erection. Because it often goes wrong with men: they get stressed in bed because they had erection problems a few times. They are very tense because they feel that they must necessarily have an erection. That makes it worse, which only strengthens the problem.

Gesture exercises can reduce that bad feeling. Slowly you learn again that it is not about performing, but about spoiling each other. At a certain moment your partner may touch you again with your dick. You will notice that you have an erection more easily. Keep on going like this, and you can also sustain your erection for longer!

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