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Psychogenic Erectile Dysfunction

What is the Psychogenic Erectile Dysfunction ?

When it comes to failing to achieve an erection, men will resort to any type of solution to get the problem to go away. Erectile Dysfunction can seem a shameful and embarrassing issue to face, and for that reason, many choose to keep the subject taboo. That can only cause more trouble, however, and in this post, we’ll discuss cases of Erectile Dysfunction that are caused by purely psychological reasons.

While many men believe that there is a physical problem with their member that is causing them to be unable to achieve an erection, a full twenty percent of all Erectile Dysfunction cases are based purely within the mind.

The brain is the part of the body that causes an erection to occur in the first place, so when the mind is unable to sufficiently deal with the idea of an erection, it can cause an instance of erectile dysfunction.

Psychologists have dubbed this type of psychogenic Erectile Dysfunction. Many men will experience an occurrence or two of psychological Erectile Dysfunction at one time or another with no long lasting effects. However, a continuous, ongoing problem with achieving an erection that stems from psychogenic causes can be very long lasting and very damaging to the marital relationship. Erectile Dysfunction is a problem that almost always requires professional help for successful resolution.

The main issue with psychogenic Erectile Dysfunction is that when the problem occurs the first time, there is often a domino effect that can cause a lack of erections far into the future. This is due to the fact that the man may feel timid and anxious, remembering the last time that he was unable to achieve an erection. As the problem continues, the idea that the man is unable to achieve an erection becomes concrete in his head, causing a complete lack of erection and a fear of sexual intimacy.

The most common cause of psychogenic Erectile Dysfunction is a case of depression or anxiety. These two types of mental disorders can cause gloom to be present in a man’s mind when it comes to sexual activity, leading to a lack of performance.

When it comes to treating this problem, the use of anti-anxiety drugs and antidepressants are commonly used to curb the Erectile Dysfunction. Also, it’s important to have a good line of communication with your sexual partner, which can create a comforting setting in which anxiety is not so prevalent. In a stress-free environment in which you feel stimulated and relaxed, an erection is likely to occur.

Another cause of psychogenic Erectile Dysfunction that occurs frequently is having a high level of stress. When stress weighs heavy on our minds, we are unable to summon up the libido necessary to perform sexually. Fatigue can also play into a lack of erections. When the body is tired and weak, sexual desire is also lessened.

All of these symptoms are usually solvable through the use of medications such as Viagra or Cialis, but you may want to work at the underlying psychological causes of your problem in order to achieve a more natural and drug-free erection.

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