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Premature death

Premature Death – Why Men Die Younger Than Women?

You will be amazed to know that the risk of premature death in men is primarily due to psychological vulnerability that hurts men more than women!

Men are considered the fulcrum and cover for women. However, according to many reports, each year, men’s life expectancy is lower than that of women. What is the cause of this paradox?

Why Men’s Life Expectancy Is Lower Than Women ?

Men who are susceptible to infectious diseases such as HIV, tuberculosis … have a low health status. This is also one of the reasons for the shorter life expectancy of men than for women. In addition, psychological and gender issues are also factors that affect the health and quality of life of men.

Here are three basic reasons that many studies have concluded after examining why male life expectancy is shorter than that of women:

  • Men with coronary artery disease are three times more likely than women to have coronary artery disease
  • The number of male suicides is higher than that of women of all ages
  • Homicide and suicide are among the leading causes of death in men aged 15 to 34

In addition, one doctor reported that male mortality was higher because males tend to be weaker and vulnerable than females from birth. According to the doctor, when suffering pain, men often do not appear shy and express themselves as a soft person. Many men go to doctors only when they are under too much pressure and pressure from their wives or when their condition becomes very serious.

6 Tips to Reduce the Risk of Premature Death in Men

Speak up Openly

Men should give up their embarrassment and timidity when communicating with each other in social relationships, especially in their medical examination and treatment. Be more open, honestly tell the doctor and do not hide anything. Because hiding sensitive and uncomfortable symptoms when it comes to erectile dysfunction problem, your condition can become severe and lead to more serious illnesses like premature ejaculation, diabetes or heart disease. In addition, you may be required to have sensitive body parts such as the penis completely free to be checked. According to the doctor, this is also part of the body and very necessary to be tested.

Doctors also encourage men to examine their testicles in the same way that women are taught to check their breasts for illness. Although men may be very upset when tested for prostate cancer, it will reduce the pain of prostate cancer treatment.

Check Testosterone Levels

From the age of 30, testosterone begins to decrease by 1% per year. Lowered testosterone levels can lead to decreased vitality, muscle mass, exercise capacity, memory, concentration, and sexual desire. This not only reduces the quality of life, it can also contribute to depression, significantly affecting men’s health and their potential for increased risk of coronary heart disease.

Doctors say that lower levels of testosterone are less likely to have a physiological or sexual impact. But in the case of rapid declines between the ages of 60 and 80, it can hinder the quality of life. Diabetic patients carry a significant risk of testosterone decline.

In addition, experts have identified pituitary hormones that can help rebalance the effects of decreased testosterone levels.

Prevent Infectious Diseases

The male immune system is not as strong as the female. This is the reason why men die from seven of the 10 most common infections, especially tuberculosis and sexually transmitted diseases . Having safe sex is essential, first by using a condom. In addition, men should check the vaccination thoroughly, especially when preparing to travel abroad. Each tetanus shot should be taken every 10 years.

Identify & Treat Depression

Depression in men may be more common than previously estimated. Symptoms of the disease are not always clear. Doctors believe that the vulnerability of depression can affect men’s health in other ways, leading to high rates of morbidity and mortality in men.

The doctors also said that men tend to have depression more than women. This can lead to sleep disturbances, mood changes and loss of sexual desire.

In addition to depression, men may have Andropause, a common condition, marked by decreased testosterone levels in men. This condition is similar to premenopausal syndrome in women.

For the treatment of depression for men, men need to recognize their condition and find ways to return to normal life. To do this, men must openly discuss their concerns with the doctor as well as  with those around them, and try to enjoy the present moments and live them.

Monitor Lifestyle Actions

The recklessness lifestyles ( death-or-glory ) of younger men make them the prime target for illness and death. Women develop a greater sense of judgment and decision-making than men of the same age. In addition, the testosterone levels and other hormone-stimulating biological factors in men have an innate endogenous formula. It is very important to monitor the activities of young men and to set the limits carefully.

Monitor Heart Diseases

Coronary heart diseases should be examined and evaluated seriously. To find out if a man is at high risk for coronary artery disease, men need to answer the following questions: Have a loved one die of heart disease before age 60? What is the level of cholesterol in the blood? Have fainting, loss of consciousness or shortness of breath?

Men are not genetically fortunate compared to women in this disease. Female hormone estrogen provides women with protection while men do not have. Men may begin to develop signs of coronary artery disease at the age of 35, while women are not at risk of developing similar symptoms. Men with a family history of heart disease should tell their doctor and take appropriate precautions in the early 30s.

If men are aware of health care, the risk of premature death is reduced. Men should pay attention to adjust the healthy lifestyle right now to be able to live up with their partners.

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