Review – Counterfeit Products & Deceptive Claims is not a legit online pharmacy, according to reviews from people who have been harmful to them in the past few years.

The website does not offer safe payments. It may take a long time to ship the items you ordered, and they will not give you your money back if it takes a long time. They sell fake products without telling you about safety concerns with them.

Some of the products they sell are expired. You can find all these details about here:

Pharmacycity is a web-based retail store that sells drugs and prescription medications that can only be sold legally by approved pharmacies in the United States. Its official website was registered in August 2016. Pharmacity is operated by people whose primary goal is to defraud and scam the customers. The website can be found in many search engines with a different name, probably not attracting attention from law enforcement authorities.

The company’s address is 2270 Eastlake Avenue, South Seattle 98102, WA, United States. It also states that they are not responsible for errors on the website or incorrect prices. is a fake online pharmacy that sells counterfeit and expired medications without prescriptions. Some of their products have serious side effects, especially if taken with other medicines or alcohol. On top of that, when one orders from this company, the customer’s personal information is sold to third parties. The pharmacy doesn’t have any licensed pharmacists or qualified employees on its staff. Their product pages contain deceptive advertisements, which claim that the medications are FDA approved and safe to use. Most of the products they offer are manufactured in India and China.

Additionally, it has recently been discovered that is linked to websites like FaastPharmacy and MyNetPharma. These two web-based stores also sell counterfeited medication, and they can all be found on the same IP address.’s official website states that its primary goal is to serve people who can’t afford prescription medications. Only a few of the products they sell are cheap. Most of them are expensive, and the pharmacy doesn’t offer discounts or free shipping. Pharmacity also claims that it sells generic versions of popular drugs such as Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra. Their main intention is to get the customer’s credit card information. They have been caught selling expired medications, so they cannot be trusted or recommended. doesn’t offer a secure payment option, which means that your financial data can be stolen easily by cyber-criminals or third parties. The company may sell your information to other online pharmacies and third parties. It has been noticed that people who have ordered Medications from Pharmacity and other similar websites like  have had their data exposed on the Internet. Not only your name, credit card details, and address have been stolen, but they may also have your social security number and birthdate available in the wrong hands. This is a huge security risk, and you should avoid companies like Pharmacity at all costs. also doesn’t mention whether its staff members are pharmacists or qualified health care workers. They don’t provide any information on what type of medications they sell, which makes it even harder for people to decide if they wish to purchase anything from their website or not.

The company’s website contains fake information, and its primary goal is to exploit the people. Pharmacity doesn’t have a phone number that could be reached by their customers, which makes it even harder for them to resolve any issues. It has been noticed that once the customer orders something from this pharmacy, there is no way of getting in touch with their customer service department, as they don’t seem to respond to any complaints or e-mails in general.

If you think that this company is trustworthy and its products are worth your money, you have been deceived. Pharmacity doesn’t sell original pharmaceuticals, it does not offer free shipping, and cybercriminals can steal the customer’s information. Stay away from and similar websites like it, as they can put your life at risk. doesn’t provide complete medical information about its products, which makes the company suspicious. It has been discovered that orders made by people who have tried to purchase medications from Pharmacity or similar web-based stores have never arrived at their destination. Most of the products they offer can be found in other online pharmacies, and any health care professionals do not approve of them.

Pharmacity also claims that they support the responsible use of prescription medications. Still, their prices make it clear that their main intention is to sell expired products at unreasonably expensive rates. The company doesn’t provide customer service, and its primary goal is to get as many orders as possible, even if that means there will be no delivery of the products. doesn’t ship their products far, and any health care professionals do not approve them due to multiple complaints against them. They claim nothing wrong with selling counterfeit medications, but cybercriminals can easily steal this information. Therefore your identity could be put at risk. Pharmacity claims that if you are not satisfied with the quality of their merchandise or if it is expired, they will refund you within 30 days of delivery. However, they keep some hidden policies, including a restocking fee, and only accept returns for unopened containers. In other words, they can save your money and do not offer any protection to the customers.

Pharmacity claims that buying medications from their company is legal because of some legislation. Still, this information cannot be verified, making it easy for cybercriminals to exploit potential victims. Most users were disappointed by Pharmacycity’s customer service department, as there seemed to be no one available to help them. When you purchase medications from this company, your personal information can be exposed on the Internet, and all of your details can be stolen by cybercriminals for malicious purposes. also seems to have a low-quality customer service department, which is not helpful to their customers in general. The company has received multiple complaints about its fake medications and the lack of customer service, which means they do not care about its customers or medical professionals.

Customers Review

I found three reviews on this site for, two of which say it was a scam, and one says it was legit. The first review starts by saying they were charged $200 for medicine, and when they got their card statement, there were multiple charges totaling over $2,000. After contacting customer service, they said they found out that all the money had been refunded to their account, but she lost around $600-700 dollars because of their incurred overdraft. In addition to these fees, she also mentioned that her credit score dropped significantly.

“I am writing this review because I feel that it is my duty to warn people about the dangers of using for your healthcare needs. I started using them a few months ago and everything was going fine until they stopped shipping one day, with no explanation! After days of trying to contact customer service, I finally got an email from them saying, “We regret to inform you that we have ceased operations.”

That’s when I realized they weren’t just having a temporary shortage or something like that – these guys are crooks who don’t care at all about their customers! They’re too busy scamming people out of their money !!!”

Verdict is not a safe option if you’re looking for medications online because of their unverified claims, lack of customer service department, and exposure to cybercrime. Check this reliable option if you need help finding reputable sources to purchase your medicines. This helps you avoid scams and get what you need.

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