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Penis Enlargement

Top 10 Myths About Penis Enlargement and Size Increase

There are many myths about penis enlargement. In this article we intend to show what some of the most common myths faced by many men with this complex with their virility are true or false.

Myth 1. There Is No Science Behind Penis Enlargement Methods

Not all known methods for penis enlargement are scams. Every day we receive hundreds of emails that go straight to the spam folder, and that promise miracles using snake oils that unfortunately are absolutely useless. Medical ethics is left aside, with false formulas that can miraculously enlarge the penis.

However, there are methods that have proven effective, as they are commonly used within the medical community. The well-known penis extenders, has something true. And the truth is that there is a proven percentage of effectiveness. What is now known as penis extender, was in its infancy a contraption designed by the medical community, specifically by urologists, who operated problems associated with the penis of men who suffered from Peyronie’s disease. This disease refers to the problem of the curved penis, which is an accumulation of fat in one of the walls of the cavernous body of the penis. Once the penis was operated, during the postoperative process, the contraption was used to keep the penis in a fixed position until it was completely healed. The result was that in addition to achieving a straight position of the penis, it was possible to enlarge the penis several centimeters. And how was it possible to enlarge the penis of these men by several centimeters? Easy explanation The skin that covers the cavernous body of the penis, is elastic, and under pressure can see its original size altered . When seeing this type of results, many companies began to show interest in patenting this contraption and selling it to the male public to enlarge the penis.

Beside this method, there are several premises to consider. This contraption has only been effective in cases where the penis measures at least 8 centimeters. On the other hand, the penis can see its size altered in length, but the thickness does not increase. And finally, for the effect of the extender to remain, we must take into account a series of exercises for the penis, which performed periodically, can get several inches more in the penis.

Myth 2. Enlargement Products aren’t Regulated by Authorities

Many times people ask why the government does not take action against false claims and promises to enlarge the penis. The truth is that there are products that do have a series of legal complaints about this type of product. There are companies that make false promises that arouse interest and end up convincing those men who are self-conscious about the size of their penis.

However, there are legally regulated products that have the approval of the Medical Community, as well as certificates of effectiveness of the authorities .

When looking for information about these types of products, we must be well informed of all quality reports and their certification, so as not to fall into the game of false miracles. On the other hand, it is necessary to inform of the commitment of quality and of return of the money in case of not being satisfied with the result.

Myth 3. Enlargement Pills Do Not Work

First, the size of a penis at rest does not have to do with the size of an erect penis. Some men who have small penises can become very large and other men with a larger penis do not change much in the state of erection. According to several studies conducted worldwide, a normal erect penis measures between 10 and 15 centimeters . Although there may be variations, obviously.

There are products in the form of pills for penis enlargement  regulated by the medical community, which actually work and have an effect on the penis . The effect produced by this type of products is that they improve the blood supply to the penis, which helps to enlarge it in terms of thickness. That is, the pills themselves do not cause the penis to enlarge on its own, but cause an enlargement in the diameter of the penis. Some of the products that work best for this type of effect is the Bioperine compound , present in some products such as Sizegain Plus.

Myth 4. Vacuum Pumps Is a Safe Method for Enlargement

The technique of using vacuum pumps, popularly known as “the bombita”, began to become popular in the 90s . Its function is only to treat erectile dysfunction (impotence) and not other sexual aspects, such as trying to enlarge the penis.

This method consists of sucking the blood so that it enters the penis and, in this way, an erection is achieved. The truth is that you can feel your penis larger than normal with this great erection, but it is not permanent, because when it returns to be flaccid it will return to its natural size.

According to expert information, it has been shown that if used too often the elastic tissue of the penis can be affected and cause serious injuries to the penis, such as broken fibers, and even infections and ulcers. And in addition, even cause or increase if you already have erectile dysfunction.

Myth 5. Frequent Masturbation is good for the Penis to Grow

The reality is that the size of the penis depends on the genetics of the male and no matter how much more masturbation takes place, it will not make it grow more. But if something is proven with frequent masturbation, it can help reduce depression by releasing endorphins that occur during orgasm and also improve the immune system.

Myth 6. Stretching the Penis After Urinating Will Make It Grow

The ‘mania’ of many men to stretch the penis when they finish urinating has no guarantee that it will serve to make the penis look bigger. The ‘hoax’ there is about it is very large, but without scientific or medical basis.

Myth 7. Viagra Increases the Size of the Penis

Many men think that medications aimed at people with erectile dysfunction, such as Viagra or Cialis, help the member to increase its dimension. This is totally false, because these pills only make it temporarily increase the blood flow to the penis , helping to produce an erection. As in the case of vacuum pumps, you could see that the penis seems thicker and longer than in previous occasions, but it is only momentary.

Myth 8. The Penis Size Can Change if I Lose Weight

If you are overweight, then you can lose a few pounds and your penis will look bigger. Some men with excess weight, or even in cases of obesity, have managed to see improvement in the size of their penis, after losing weight. In this case, it is not that the penis increases in size, but the fact of losing weight, causes a loss of weight of the abdominal area, and with it, the penile area comes to light, so to speak.

Myth 9. The Only Solution to Enlarge the Penis Is Surgery

It must be clarified that there are different surgical procedures for penis enlargement: those that are based on lengthening and those that focus on thickness, although they are often combined in the same intervention.

The surgical process to enlarge the penis, called augmentation phalloplasty , is a non-complex technique that consists of the section of the suspensory ligament of the penis. Although it is apparently simple, it is not free of complications, such as alterations in the sensibility of the limb. Generally, and in the best of cases, a growth between 1 and 3 centimeters at rest is achieved.

This technique is usually complemented with the use of extensors, since the retraction that produces the scarring can cause the opposite effect, because the formation of an excessive scar can cause the discovered part of the penis to be pushed back in during the phase of healing. There may also be certain complications, such as bruising and infections, alterations in sensitivity or even erectile dysfunction.

Regarding the method that increases the thickness, the operation would go through the injection of PMMA, silicone or other compounds in the body of the penis. In this case you always have to perform a circumcision surgery beforehand.

Penis Enlargement Surgery

The intervention is not painful. It is performed with loco-regional anesthesia and discharge usually occurs between 12 and 24 hours after the operation unless major complications arise.

The post-operative period is usually quite simple, but according to people who are somewhat difficult to follow: sexual abstinence for about a month. Adequate rest is very important to facilitate the tissue seizure and thus avoid its displacement.

Other indications that surgeons usually recommend is not to shower in the next three or four days and give up doing sports for four or five weeks.

Most men who undergo penis enlargement surgery regret doing so. The issue of scarring and pain is a reason more than enough to avoid going through these types of alternatives.

Myth 10. It’s Not Possible to Enlarge the Penis Through Exercises

Another of the best known methods to achieve a penis enlargement are exercises that can be done at home to get a few extra inches. Therefore, we want to show you some of the homemade exercises to improve the blood circulation of the penis and thus be able to enlarge it some more.

Preparation steps

Place a compressor towel impregnated in hot water: take a towel or compress and dip it under the tap at a warm temperature. For a few minutes, cover the penis completely. The idea of ​​this is that a dilation occurs in the vessels, which will increase the results of the exercises that will be carried out next.

Apply lubricant: it is essential that you do not forget to use lubricant and thus avoid irritations. Use the ones that are water based, the same ones you can use to have sex. Of course, discard the idea of ​​replacing it with soaps or oils, because they are not made to have a prolonged contact with the skin and less the area of ​​the penis, which is much more sensitive than the rest of the body.

Choose a suitable place, quiet and away from noise where you do not receive interruptions. Calculate that on average you will need about 20 minutes to complete the exercise.

Types of Exercises

1. Stretching exercise for a longer penis:

Use the index finger and thumb to form the ‘OK’ symbol and firmly grasp the tip of the penis. Pull it forward for 10-15 seconds . Then shake it to restore the blood flow. Repeat this movement but with the penis up, right, left, up and down. Do not forget to shake the penis between each repetition in order to restore blood flow.

2. Exercise to make the penis thicker: 

The method ‘Jelqing’ , also called ‘milking’ consists of squeezing and stretching the penis with both hands in order to push the blood from the base to the head. In this way it would be forcing the spongy tissue of the penis to expand.

Do not forget to grab it in ‘OK’ after having obtained an average erection . Firmly and gently move your hand to the head of the penis. By the time you reach the head of the penis, change hands. Do it for 100 repetitions in the first week, 125 the next and add successively 25 each week. When you get to the fourth week (or what is the same, 200 exercises), leave it at that. Like the penis stretching, after each shake restores blood flow.

3. Do you want stronger erections? 

PC Flex Test: The muscle that controls the flow of urine, the pubococcygeus (PC) is very important at the time of having solid erections. Locate this muscle when you urinate, you just have to stop the flow and that muscle that works at that moment is the PC. To perform the exercise is to squeeze the penis for 5 seconds and release . At first do 50 repetitions a day and go increasing by 20 each week. In a few weeks you will find that erections are much stronger.

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