Online vs. Brick and Mortar Pharmacies: A Comparison

In life, there are always trade-offs, convenience for higher risk, more choices for less human contact…you be the judge on which delivery method works for you; virtual or brick and mortar pharmacies. Read on for a comparison and much more about the online drug industry.

Online pharmacy benefits

  1. Because you don’t have to drive anywhere to get medication, the earth is less polluted by unnecessary car trips, and you save time and money on gasoline.
  2. Those in remote areas of the country cannot just pop into the store; they may be hours away or even snowed in. Phone and internet medicine is a lifesaver for these folks.
  3. Seniors needing multiple long-term refills can avoid the hassle of getting out. Some are immobile: they don’t want to always ask someone for a ride.
  4. Customers of virtual and tele-pharmacies can view data while or before ordering prescriptions:  True, this is all available at brick and mortar shops, but who will stand and read it in the store? Online they can enlarge the text and read in the comfort of their home.
  5. Online stores allow the uninsured to obtain low-cost brand and generic medications that can run into 100s of dollars per month or even thousands—at a traditional pharmacy.
  6. Access to medicines is available across boundaries of states and countries, where there is no access to stores, where people will die if not receiving these medicines—as in the case of 3rd world countries, where HIV-AIDS sufferers need medicine to stay alive.

Benefits of Brick and Mortar

  1. You are sick right now; you need the medicine immediately. You can go pick up medication – no waiting for it to arrive in the mail.
  2. Advantage of human contact, neighborly feeling, at the drugstore with live people
  3. Ditto for human contact with a doctor who prescribes the Rx.
  4. The doctor examining you can detect possible risks and conduct in-depth questioning that online advising physicians cannot.
  5. Some seniors may be isolated, and the trip to the pharmacy is their only human contact, which is vital for their health as much as the medicine they take.
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