MyNetPharma Review – Rouge Pharmacy with Low Rating

If you’re reading this, chances are you want to know if the MyNetPharma online pharmacy is safe or not. I will break it down for you and tell you all about it to make an informed decision from start to finish.

We first need to answer some basic questions that everyone has when looking at a website like this: Is there customer service? What’s the shipping time? How much does it cost? Let me give these answers for Mynetpharma in this review. is not a legitimate online pharmacy and can pose serious health risks to the consumer, according to reviews from customers who have had bad experiences with them in recent years.

The website does not offer secure payment methods; it has delayed shipping times that sometimes extend past two weeks or more than three days for some people (with no refund policy); its customer service department never responds nor provides any help whatsoever; counterfeit products are sold on their site without warnings about safety concerns, which may lead consumers into dangerous territory if they unknowingly buy drugs manufactured by unknown companies!

MyNetPharma doesn’t have its manufacturing site, so there is no information about how they obtain its products. Their pharmacy may dispense generic versions of name-brand tablets and capsules.

Still, without any product labeling or verification of its quality from a third-party entity (such as the FDA), consumers run the risk of adverse reactions and harmful interactions with other prescription drugs they may be taking. Suppose you are looking for a safe place to purchase affordable Viagra online, Cialis, Levitra, or any other medicine in the same category to improve your life. In that case, MyNetPharma should not be used.

MyNetPharma doesn’t have any online product reviews from customers who have used their service or received orders in the mail. This is very unusual for a legitimate pharmacy and raises several red flags about its business operations.

MyNetPharma’s website is not cached on Google, and it does not appear anywhere else either. You cannot save any of their content to your computer; only one of their pages is available on third-party websites (such as Ehow or Buzzle).

The rest is absent, which means it has no history on the Internet. If you are looking for a legitimate online pharmacy service where you can read hundreds of customer reviews about their services and feel safe about your order, then MyNetPharma should not be your first choice!

MyNetPharma does not sell any brand-name drugs on its site. Suppose you want to purchase authentic Cialis online. In that case, Viagra, Levitra, or other brand-name medications, do so at a legitimate pharmacy with good customer reviews and offers secure payment methods for the consumer’s peace of mind.

MyNetPharma delivers to pretty much every country on the planet. They accept Bitcoin as a payment method, making it relatively easy for people living in remote countries with strict censorship laws.

While this is a good thing from an economic point of view, consumers should be wary of buying drugs from a pharmacy that accepts anonymous cryptocurrency payments since it enhances anonymity for criminals who try to order medicines online with no personal.

MyNetPharma does not have its manufacturing center, and they accept Bitcoin as a payment method, which raises several red flags about the r business practices. MyNetPharma is not a legitimate online pharmacy for the current record, and consumers should be wary of its activities.

You should not trust an unknown company to sell you drugs without any physical address because it makes them untraceable in an emergency.

MyNetPharma does not accept customers from Australia, Canada, or New Zealand. They also have a list of prescription drugs that are not allowed to be shipped to certain countries, such as Mexico. This is quite unusual for an online drugstore, and it raises several red flags about their business practices.

MyNetPharma offers Ed products at a low cost, which is not expected since the cost of manufacturing generic drugs is meager. Every legitimate online pharmacy that offers competitive prices must have a legal source of these medications to sell.

MyNetPharma doesn’t offer any extra services to customers, such as free samples or loyalty program incentives. This is quite unusual for legitimate businesses on the Internet trying to build good customer relationships.

MyNetPharma does not have a physical address printed anywhere on their website (even though they claim they operate in the United States). They accept Bitcoin payments and offer generic medications without brand names or unique packaging, which is also quite suspicious.

MyNetPharma doesn’t have any products listed on their site, which is quite unusual for legitimate online pharmacies that try to build trust with customers.

MyNetPharma domain was registered on 2020-12-03, which means that’s it new in the business. It doesn’t mean it is a scam, but in the general case, you should avoid such websites, mainly if they cover unique products.

MyNetPharma offers no valid certificate of authenticity on their site, making them look highly suspicious. If you are looking for a safe place to buy drugs online, you should never use a pharmacy that does not provide customers with proof of authenticity for their products.

MyNetPharma does not have a Facebook, Twitter, or Google+ page. They do not want to build customer relationships on social media, which makes them look suspicious in the general case. It would help if you always tried to find drugstores with good customer relations online before you place an order with them.

MyNetPharma has about 30 reviews, and the overall rating is 1 star out of 5. We always encourage consumers to read at least a few good reviews before placing an order. Still, it would help if you did not ignore that many people complain about MyNetPharma on the Internet. MyNetPharma should not be your first choice!

MyNetPharma does not have a phone number listed on their site, and there is no way to contact them directly. This increases their suspicion in our records since it’s pretty impossible for legitimate online pharmacies eager to grow to stay off the grid and do not offer an easy way to contact.

MyNetPharma doesn’t have a customer support center available on their website, which means you will have difficulty getting in touch with them when you need help. Most reputable online pharmacies offer a way to contact support staff directly, and there is no reason not to provide this information, especially if you are selling prescription drugs!

MyNetPharma does not use encrypted connections for all their traffic, which means that your personal information is not protected from potential hackers. This is a severe security risk, and we always recommend looking for websites that use secure connections to protect the personal information you provide them.

There are some risks included in buying medicines from this pharmacy :

1- You might never receive your order.

2- Your personal information may be leaked to third parties

3- You will not get a refund if you are not satisfied with the product or service MyNetPharma should not be your first choice!

MyNetPharma has a terrible reputation on the Internet, and there is no reason to take your business to such a risky and shady company. Plenty of other online pharmacies can provide you with top-quality generic medications while keeping your personal information safe.

MyNetPharma is not even listed in the leading directory of online pharmacies should tell you all you need to know about them.


1. MyNetPharma is not a licensed pharmacy

2. They are not in the United States but instead in India

3. The medication they provide is generic and of low quality

4. Prices are higher than other pharmacies because they have to ship from India

5. many reviews on Google warn about this scam/pharmacy company

6. I would recommend going with another pharmacy instead of risking your health or money with the MyNetPharma online pharmacy review – Avoid this scam!


The best alternative to MyNetPharma is most likely this pharmacy; feel free to visit them. This alternative is safe to use when looking for a reliable pharmacy to buy medications online.

What do you think about this pharmacy? Would you be more comfortable buying your medication online after reading our blog post? Let us know in the comments below!

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