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Erectile dysfunction affects millions of men and has become a much more widely discussed issue over the years. There are a number of reasons why erectile dysfunction can start; aging, heart or circulation problems, certain medications can cause ED, personal issues related to depression or a stressful relationship can lead to ED, and many other issues have been found to affect a man’s ability to achieve an erection.

The good news is, because this has been such a common problem for men, research began years ago on how to treat ED that would be an easy treatment as well as discreet for men. Medications have become one of the most preferred treatment for erectile dysfunction among the men who suffer from it. One well-known medication is Megalis (Tadalafil) and it can be purchased online, which makes it easy and affordable to obtain.

How does Megalis work?

Megalis (Tadalafil) is known as the first in a group of medicines that will aid men them in their quest for sexual pleasure by helping them achieve a full erection when they could not on their own. It works by allowing the blood vessels in the penis to relax so that they can fill with the proper amount of blood that’s needed to get an erection. It does not increase your desire for sex, but when stimulated by outside sources, it’s already in your system and has prepared the vessels to react to the stimulation. Something else it is not to be mistaken for is fertility. Megalis is not a fertility drug and will not increase yours, or your partner’s chances of impregnation.

Ingredients in Megalis

Megalis comes in 10 mg and 20 mg coated tablets. The 10mg tablets contain 10mg of the active ingredient Tadalafil along with other inactive ingredients. The 20mg coated tablets contain 20mg of the active ingredient Tadalafil plus other inactive ingredients, including an ingredient known as galactose. The pills are small, and the outer coating makes them easy to swallow.

How should you take Megalis?

Megalis 20 mg review boxLike the brand Cialis, you should take Megalis as directed in order to get the best benefits of the medication, as well as decrease your risks of any unwanted or harmful side effects. The recommended dose of Megalis is 20mg and it should be taken before your anticipated sexual activity.

It is recommended that Megalis only be taken once a day and it’s recommended you take it anywhere between 30 minutes prior to sexual activity or up to 4 hours prior to.

If you aren’t sure when you will get the best effects of the medication, you may want to try initiating sexual activity at different time periods after taking it to see when your personal, optimum experience happens. Then you will know for the next time, how long prior to your sexual encounter, you should take it.

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If you find 20mg gives you too strong of a response, you can lower it to 10mg. Megalis can start working within thirty minutes after you take it and can work up to 36 hours after, which allows you to be more spontaneous with your sexual activities. It is also a medication that can be taken without food.


Like with any medication, Megalis comes with precautions. You shouldn’t take Megalis if you have certain heart conditions or if you take any type of nitrate drug. Megalis may cause dizziness, so you shouldn’t operate any heavy machinery or drive until you know how it will affect you. Alcohol should be very limited while taking the medication and you should avoid grapefruit or grapefruit juice while on Megalis as it might increase any side effects.

Possible side effects include

Although Megalis is considered a safe medication, you may experience some minor side effects.The most common side effects that can occur, include: Erythema, Insomnia, Breathlessness, Nose bleed, Dyspepsia, Headache, Flushing, or other side effects that may not be mentioned. If you experience an erection that lasts for 4 or more hours, you should seek the help of a medical professional as soon as possible so that no damage is done to the blood vessels.

Does Megalis work?

Megalis 20mg vs Brand pillsMegalis has shown to have a good effect on erectile dysfunction and has helped a lot of men regain their confidence and their ability to sexually perform again. Compared to other similar medications, Megalis works just as well as Cialis and Viagra yet you can get it for lower costs because it is not the name brand. Ordering online is an economical way to get the same family of medication as the bigger brands, at a better price and with the same results.

Customer reviews

When reading customer reviews, there is a lot of positive feedback from men who have tried Megalis stating that it worked in the time frame that it should, and the effects lasted as long as they were told it would, which made having sexual experiences easier. On one site with customer reviews, 77% of the customers claimed that Megalis was very effective with smaller amounts said they weren’t sure or that it didn’t work to their expectations.


You can purchase Megalis online and pricing varies according to how many pills you purchase. For instance, you can purchase 8 pills of 20 mg of Megalis costs $39.99 or 12 pills for $46.99. If you want to purchase more, they come in different increments, even up to 36 pills for $100.99.

Review Conclusion

Overall, purchasing Megalis is as easy as anything else you purchase online and you don’t have to wait for a prescription or stand in line at a pharmacy. You will get the same satisfying results with Megalis as some of the other big brand medications for ED without having to pay the same big price. It’s nice to have an alternative to help you get back to your love life from the discreetness of your home.

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