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Lumigan Eyelashes growth

Lumigan for Eyelashes Growth Review – Surprising Facts Revealed

While women usually take care of the hair, unfortunately they often neglect the care of the eyelashes. For centuries women have been looking for full, dense and long eyelashes to make the look as attractive as possible.

Even in ancient times, mascara-like products have been used. Today, women have more ways to approach their ideal of beauty. If the mascara is no longer sufficient, artificial eyelashes adhere to. Those who wants to not use the artificial eyelashes permanently, use serums like Lumigan for permanent results.


Lumigan serum has conquered the cosmetics market and is considered one of the most popular beauty products nowadays to delay the loss of eyelashes and promote eyelash growth. It is easy to apply, so any woman with short, thin and brittle eyelashes can use this effective eyelash cure herself.

The advantages are many such as;

  • Ophthalmologically tested.
  • The eyelash density increases.
  • The eyelash hair becomes longer.
  • Easy to apply and well tolerated.
  • The eyelash hairs become stronger and healthier.
  • Non-greasy, suitable for sensitive eyes and contact lens.

Lumigan History

Lumigan Use for eyelash growth

Lumigan is made from Bimatoprost which has a carotid effect. It was discovered accidentally during the treatment of patients with cataracts who received the prostaglandin in the form of eye drops. It was noticed that he patient’s eyelashes suddenly became longer and denser, it was the pleasant side effect 😀 . When the cosmetics commercial companies became aware of it, they developed a lot products for the use in the beauty world.

Research results

There are numerous reputable studies from the USA, China and Italy, which show a significant increase in eyelash length and density when using bimatoprost (a Prostaglandin). The participants of the studies had the feeling of being more attractive and more self-confident. It is believed that the hair follicles become more activated and that Lumigan serum act at the cellular level.

Speed ​​of results

Women who has fast-growing hair generally, can expect a faster result. Depending on the body response, Lumigan results can be seen within 2-3 weeks of regular use. The maximum effect is achieved with 2 months. While other serums take longer, Lumigan effect appears faster.

It is important to use the serum daily. If after 8 to 10 weeks the serum has had its full effect, it is recommended to continue a maintenance dose of 2 to 3 times a week.

Before and After

The following two photos show the difference of eyelashes length before and after lumigan use.

Eyelashes before Lumigan

Eyelashes after Lumigan

Tips for Best results

  • To make your eyelashes denser and longer, you should pay attention to the whole body health. So they do not break off so easily and do not fall out so fast. Make sure you have a healthy and balanced diet, so that your body always receives all the important vitamins and vital substances for a healthy regeneration of the body.
  • Before applying Lumigan serum, the eyelid should be free from any residues to allow the serum to move in without any barriers to act overnight and eyelashes can be made up as usual in the morning.
  • Avoid the mascara use for a few weeks and it’s recommended to be removed completely from the daily makeup routine.
  • Don’t use cheap makeup brands.
  • Don’t sleep without removing your makeup.
  • Don’t use eyelash curlers too often in your daily makeup. Due to the constant bending of the eyelashes, they break off more easily.

Ladies opinion

In fact, most women who have used Lumigan are very happy with the results. According to reports of experience, there Lumigan brings first successful results after 2 weeks of regular use.

Each woman can achieve different results, sometimes faster and sometimes slower. Patience is known to be a virtue, so Lumigan should not be discontinued immediately after two weeks, if the results are still not so clear.

Questions & Answers

How many times a day can Lumigan be used?

It is applied once a day before bedtime. It should never be used or applied more often than stated. A more frequent use does not bring faster results.

Over what period of time can lumigan be used?

Use of lumigan can be done indefinitely. Depending on the manufacturer, it takes 2 to 8 weeks for the results. Once the desired length and density of eyelashes are achieved, it can be dosed lower i.e instead of daily use, only every 2 to 3 days to maintain the result.

Is it safe if Lumigan come close to the Iris?

Carefulness should always be taken that no Lumigan serum touch the eyes during the application if you use it for eyelashes growth only. If it comes close to the eyes, the eye should be washed with clear water.

How easy is Lumigan application at home?

Lumigan can be easily used at home. It is applied in the evening after removing the make-up with a thin brush directly on the lash line. The serum must not reach the eye.

Can men use lumigan serum?

It can be used by men just as well and with the same results as women. Men with very short and dense eyelashes can increase their attractiveness significantly.

Can Lumigan be used during pregnancy or breastfeeding?

For all eyelash serums of any brand, they are not suitable during pregnancy and lactation. Furthermore, women should not use Lumigan serum for eyelashes during chemotherapy. We recommend to carefully read and follow the package leaflets by the manufacturer for safety.

Can Lumigan be used when wearing False Lashes/extensions?

There is nothing against this, If artificial false eyelashes or extensions are worn, Lumigan can be used safely.

Side Effects

Lumigan is classified as safe even in the long-term up to 4 years directly into the eye.

According to the opinion of dermatologist Klaus Hoffmann, the possible side effects of Lumigan use for eyelash growth are very different. Lumigan serum has been tested by him had remarkably few side effects. According to some manufacturers, headaches and burning or watery eyes can occur.

According to the study reports, it can lead to reddened eyes and occasional itching. Burning may also depend on the pH of the liquid, similar to skin creams. Of course, existing skin diseases such as atopic dermatitis should also be taken into account, says Hoffmann.

Another side effect of the use is the slight discoloration of the skin at the site where lumigan is applied. Under certain circumstances, this may turn dark.

From the original treatment of Green Starr with the prostaglandin contained in the serum, which were administered in the form of eye drops, it is also known that the iris can darken. In addition, there are individual experiences of temporary visual disturbances. On the other hand, studies show that no significant concentrations of the substances can enter the eye if used properly.

Apart from eyelash growth, the most common adverse events that occur when bimatoprost is injected into the eye are conjunctival hyperemia, itchy eyes, dry eyes, burning in the eye, eyelid pigmentation, foreign body sensation, eye pain and blurred vision.

Natural alternatives

Every woman dreams of long thick eyelashes and does everything to preserve it. Home remedies can be used as an alternative to give the eyelashes a nourishing effect. Olive oil, almond oil and argan oil are ingredients known in the cosmetics industry that also benefit the eyelash extension. Castor oil in particular is said to have a growth-promoting effect.


Lumigan is a good product and with a little patience, Eyelashes can not only be lengthened but also condensed. Countless reports and reviews has proved that Lumigan is the most effective product for eyelashes growth with excellent beauty results.

Overall Rating

Ease of Use
Action Duration
Side Effects Tolerability


Among all eyelash lengthening products,Lumigan is the one with the most great results.

User Rating: 5 ( 2 votes)

2 Unbiased Opinions

  1. Olivia

    I bought Lumigan and hoped that it would make my eyelashes longer.

    Although I was skeptical, I noticed a change within 6 weeks only.

    I used it on one eye to have a comparison to the other eye. I noticed a change within 6 weeks only, the treated eyelashes are longer and denser.

    When I had mascara on it I asked a friend if she saw a difference between the eyes and she said that my treated eye (she did not know which one) are fuller.

    I will continue to use Lumigan as I’m looking forward to more results 🙂

  2. Sophia

    I ordered lumigan drops because of the good reviews. In fact, after a few weeks of use, I found that my eyelashes are getting longer.

    However, the pack is now almost empty.

    Too bad, for the price I have expected more product.


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