Levitra Professional Review

The new wonder drug – Levitra Professional has become a sensation, giving a boost to confidence levels in men suffering from depressive symptoms due to erectile dysfunction or impotence. Manufactured in the UK in 2003, Levitra has brought spring into the lives of millions of men around the world. Men over 50 have particularly been benefited by the uniqueness of the pill. It has not only succeeded in reducing the shortcoming of the heretofore regular drugs like Cialis and Viagra but has also improved in their function. The drug has been pronounced to be safe for health and has no harm on reproductive functioning. The patients can take meals before consuming the drug as well as a minimal amount of alcohol, without influencing the effects of the drug. This unique drug has two benefits – efficiency and speed. It has a start period of one hour and time of action is 8-12 hours. In this regard it is more effective than brand Viagra. Although effective time of activity is less than that of Cialis, it has much less side effects. It helps in giving better control over ejaculation and stabilizes conditions of impotency. It is infinitely cheaper than most brand pills. Strength of pill at 20mg is quite sufficient compared to the need for 100mg doses of Sildenafil pills.

Action of Levitra

Levitra professional contains Verdanafil Citrate as active ingredient. As a Type 5 PDE, an enzyme inhibitor, it functions similar to Viagra or Cialis in elevating blood flow to cause an erection. It is recommended to take the drug only once a day an hour before commencement of sexual activity. It becomes active only if sexual stimulus is given.

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Side effects and precautions

As with all medications for ED, Levitra also has some side effects. Although there is no restriction on food consumed before taking the drug, alcohol and tobacco should be avoided. Patients with heart, kidney and liver disorders must be cautious and preferably consult a doctor before trying out the drug. Particularly if taking any medications containing nitrates, it is better to avoid the drug. Reported side effects include headache, giddiness, stomach upset, ringing in the ears, drop in blood pressure, nasal congestion, etc. If there is dizzy feeling, fainting, palpitations, chest pain or abnormal vision, please consult a doctor immediately. Read instruction leaflet carefully before taking the drug!

Purchasing Levitra Professional online – Advantages

The best method to get your Levitra professional is to order online. Since these drugs don’t need a prescription, you can buy overnight from approved online drugstores. These online pharmacies have a bountiful supply of all ED medications. They also ship you the order anywhere in the world. The advantages of purchasing online are the privacy you get and discreteness of the delivery, no prescription is needed and economy of price. Pills of 10mg and 20mg strength are available ranging from $4.05 to $8.29 per pill. Packs containing 10, 20, 30, 60, 90 and 120 pills are available, the more you purchase the cheaper! Give a boost to your confidence, overcome your insufficiency and enjoy life, buy your pack of Levitra now and see how your life changes!

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