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Kamagra 100mg Review – Cheap Version of Viagra and Works as Good

Kamagra is one of the popular medications for overcoming erectile dysfunction (ED). Used by millions across the world for problems of male impotence, it is a common drug for this ailment and has got a lot of positive reviews.

What’s Kamagra?

It advertises the medication as the generic version of Viagra. There are several websites that sell this medication but the official website is by the manufacturer Ajanka Pharmaceuticals and it appears that the medication is produced in India.

When it was formulated by Ajanta Pharmaceuticals it was formulated exactly by following the standards that was used for the making of the brand name Viagra and is FDA approved so it is safe to take. It is a very effective generic medication and is popular worldwide.

It has got its popularity from being extremely effective and due to its affordable cost and the option to buy online without a prescription.

What does Kamagra mean ?

Kamagra is a combination of two words, which are Kama and gra. In Sanskrit Kama means “art of making love,” and agra is the suffix of Viagra. It comes in different forms like jelly, pill, chewable flavored tablet, and effervescent tablet. It is a very popular generic Viagra pill in New Zealand, Singapore, Australia, Hong Kong, Europe, and Malaysia.

Kamagra vs Viagra Comparison

Kamagra is a generic form and comes similar to the brand Viagra. It is the same in all respects to Viagra but being a generic, it has the advantage of being much cheaper.

Sildenafil Citrate is the active ingredient in Kamagra. This facilitates in maximum blood flow for a strong erection.

Does Kamagra work ?

Yes, it does work and does have effective result. It was tested on many different men who were suffering from erectile dysfunction with the results being 99% positive.

How does Kamagra work?

Primarily it works that same way of Brand Viagra by inhibiting the enzyme that is responsible for decreasing the flow of blood to your penis. This enzyme is called PDE5. It starts working as it enters your bloodstream and when it does it subdues the production of PDE5 enzyme and instead it releases the enzyme cGMP into the body. Every man does have this enzyme in their body. It aids in the erection by keeping everything normal.

Unlike Cialis , It remains in the blood stream for a period of 4 – 5 hours and will respond to stimulus within this period.

How long does it last?

It is fast acting and will last up to six hours but normally the erection that Kamagra provides remains for three to four hours, which is the half life of the medication. Sometimes it will even last longer than six hours.

How to take Kamagra?

You should take it at least one hour before any sexual activity. Make sure that you are taking it exactly as your physician prescribes. Take it once a day making sure that there is twenty-four hours between each dosage.

Kamagra Dosage

The dosage is 100, 50, and 25 milligrams. The standard dosage is 100 milligrams but if there is no effect to this dosage do not increase it yourself but talk to your physician. Your physician should be the one to change the dosage if needed.

If you have a serious liver or kidney disease or over the age of 65 there are some physicians who will have them start on the minimal dosage of 25 milligrams.


As with Ed drugs, certain precautionary measures must be taken while taking this medication :

  • Only one pill should be taken per day or per 24 hours.
  • It should not be taken by persons under treatment for heart, kidney or liver disorders.
  • It is not to be consumed along with medications containing other nitrate compounds.
  • Do not consume along with fruit juices, especially grape fruit juice or even the fruit.
  • If the patient is prone to allergies from medicines, check with a doctor before getting the pill.
  • Women should avoid taking this drug.
  • Do not use this medication along with any other drugs for ED.
  • Avoid alcohol ( You can consider taking Levitra if you drink alcohol excessively )

known Side Effects

In very rare cases, some side effects may be manifested. It could range from headaches, flushing, heartburn or indigestion to stomach upset. Sometimes nasal congestion, lightheadedness or dizziness or even diarrhea has been reported.

If any symptoms like chest pain or blurring of vision is felt, it is to be brought to the immediate attention of a physician.

How to Store ?

Maintain the drug at a temperature of 15-25°C and preferably not in the bathroom as it should be kept away from moisture and light.

Where to Buy Online ?

buy-kamagra-100mg-onlineErectile dysfunction can be quite expensive to manage , I mean with the expensive prices of most of the brand drugs available in the U.S market but Kamagra is affordable due to being a generic medicine.

Most ED medications are in high demand and can be sold as fakes too. So, while purchasing online, it is best to check out the pharmacy before making out the order to save your money and privacy.

To buy quality Kamagra online from a reliable and trustworthy pharmacy, Click Here. These are an approved online generic drugstores where you are able to buy with some clicks.

Buy your pack of Kamagra at unbeatable prices as low as $2.02 per pill for a pack of 180 pills only.


Kamagra is manufactured in India and is touted as a “cheap version of Viagra and works as good.”.  It does work and when testing a group of men there was a 99% positive results. Being manufactured in India it can only be ordered online in the United States.

In addition to the pill Kamagra offers other forms of the medication. One thing to note is to make sure that when you order online that you only order from a reputable website. Because there are some online that offer Kamagra without a prescription and the medication you get might not even be Kamagra as some customers reported getting fakes.

One Unbiased Opinion

  1. zeni brown

    There are a lot of generic products are available online for sale but Kamagra is the best alternative to the brand name Viagra.
    I’m using it personally and have the same results of Viagra but at low cost 😀

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