Inhouse Pharmacy Review

Rating: is a popular offshore pharmacy store that was established in 1996.

In this review , I’ll tell you why you shouldn’t use it at all as On average users reported $300 of loss due to fraud money charges. is owned by Pacific Health Limited, based in Vanuatu.

Best of all, Inhouse Pharmacy is located in an offshore zone. has a range of more than 1000 drugs under a wide range of categories. Customers can place orders via telephone, fax, email or online.

Does inhouse pharmacy require a prescription ?

At the old days of Inhouse Pharmacy, it wasn’t asking for a prescription for shipping medicines but due to the pressure from legal organizations after 2012 , this pharmacy has started to ask for a valid prescription to be mailed or faxed.

Many customers who post reviews online have confirmed that you can skip the prescription step easily by negotiating it with the customers support.

Inhouse Pharmacy Scam Scandal

Inhouse pharmacy Scandal

Many New Zealand news websites have reported that the owner ( Kerry Donald Bell ) of this store has been convicted by Auckland District Court “a New Zealand court” due to selling fake medicines. The court action was done as Interpol and many European governments have asked to shut down this store.

  • In France, the government has announced that it’s illegal to use
  • There are financial penalties for using it by the Swiss Agency For Therapeutic Products.
  • The Polish government has suspended all the shipments from Vanuatu.
  • In Hong Kong, Cyprus and Belgium ; it’s listed as non legitimate pharmacy.

How About The Products Quality ? Legit ?

fake onlinepharmacy

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Unlike other online pharmacies, It has a limited number of Ed medicines. The most available pills are Indian brands like Kamagra , Silagra , Tadacip , Tadalis SX in addition to Levitra brand.

Also It has around 74 drugs for male and female Transgender hormones, Sure these products are fake since it’s impossible to buy these online.

In the past, Inhouse pharmacy had its popularity through providing hard to get medicines especially those which have been suspended by FDA. For example, Motilium (Domperidone 10mg) that is available for sale through Inhouse pharmacy has got a warning from many health organizations due to the risk of irregular heart rhythms that lead to a reported nine deaths.

What should you know about the shipping ?

This store offers free airmail shipping worldwide from Vanuatu, a small island chain in the South Pacific that has bullshitbeen used as a conduit for illegal drug trafficking.

UK shipping isn’t available according to a statement on the website: “To satisfy the requirements of Regulation 7 of the UK Medicines (Advertising) Regulations 1994, this site is not intended for those people who reside in the United Kingdom”. Usually orders are dispatched within 24 hours following placing the order.

How about the Payment ?

Inhouse pharmacy was accepting credit cards but due to their engagement in scam operations , it was suspended by Visa and MasterCard. Currently it accepts payments through Bitcoin , Wire transfer and Echecks.

Overall Conclusion

You shouldn’t use this online pharmacy. By using Inhousepharmacy, You are losing money.

Inhouse Pharmacy Alternatives

We recommend using a trusted pharmacy for getting medicines like that doesn’t ask for a prescription and has a wide range of products under different categories, has more than 600 products available online with fast shipping.

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3 Opinions by readers

  • Nicoline October 29, 2016 at 2:57 am -

    I had a bad experience with IHP, I’ve paid with bitcoin and no delivery done.
    Asked for a refund after 35 days and they declined to do.

  • Vincent December 5, 2016 at 3:03 am -

    I bought generic pills from inhouse pharmacy , my bank called me due to a suspicious charges on my credit card from an online dress shop.
    Don’t trust your credit or debit cards with Inhouse pharmacy

  • Ahmed February 11, 2017 at 5:48 am -

    Ordered on December 2016 and payed with Bitcoin then they sent me the order ID. However, it’s Feb 2017 and no package delivered yet.

    Contacted Inhouse Pharmacy support many times about this issue and they keep telling “delivery will be soon” 🙁

    My advice: Stay away from Inhouse pharmacy , they use the benefit of bitcoin being non-refundable to scam buyers.

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