InHousePharmacy On Review – Legit Or Scam?

InHousePharmacy is a scam that should be avoided at all costs when buying medications online. It has engaged in unlawful business practices since 1996 and in this review I’ll show you why it’s best to avoid InhousePharmacy like the plague!

With so many people asking for a review of this online pharmacy, it is important to know about its safety and reliability before you buy your prescription drugs from them. We have looked into this company and found that it is not a good place to get medicines. This company is only trying to steal your money.

In an in-depth review of InHousePharmacy, we found that they engage in unlawful business practices which could lead you into getting scammed out of your prescription drugs or even worse – get something dangerous in the mail in return in place of your medication.

In this review, we will show you what InHousePharmacy is up to and how their operations have been classified by authorities as illegal.

Conviction of the Founder in New Zealand

The founder of InHousePharmacy is named Kerry Donald Bell. Bell is the one of many who have been imprisoned in recent years and fined enormously.

In 2003, Bell was sentenced to prison by Aucland District Court ( a New Zealand court ) with 51 charges under the Medicines Act 1981 for selling illegally manufactured drugs to New Zealand and US customers.

This was done after Interpol and many European governments regulators expressed concerns about the site for illegally selling illicit drugs. They argue that it was doing a lot of damage to their society, and are determined to stop its usage altogether.

The Ministry of Health is pleased with the punitive sentence handed down to Bell and I Chemist Ltd. The penalty was one of the highest ever imposed under New Zealand’s Medicines Act, which prohibits people from selling prescription medicines without a registered medical practitioner’s prescription or on premises that are not pharmacies.

The company had been convicted for illegally trading in drugs including counterfeit pills as well as sedatives such Valium, Diazepam. They were also found guilty of violating advertising laws because they claimed their products contained genuine when many did not and some even included toxic substances.

The ministry seized $20,000 worth of medicine in order to ensure that they would not be sold illegally again.

Bell and I Chemist Ltd were ordered to pay more than $50,000 fines and costs including $20,000 to the ministry. The company was also ordered forfeit seized medicines worth over a million dollars under this landmark ruling by the Ministry of Health’s Peter Pratt in what is considered one of New Zealand’s heaviest penalties for selling prescription drugs without authorization.

The Ministry of Health stated the case should serve as a warning that breaches of pharmaceutical advertising and other requirements are taken seriously.

Moving Operations to Vanuatu

The founder of InHousePharmacy had to move its operations from New Zealand after they suffered a series of difficulties. They relocated them in Vanuatu, where it is easier for illegal drug trafficking and other criminal activity in the medical field in order to continue their illegal business.

In 2020, Reuters posted that the Australian government will setting up a security centre in Vanuatu to stop drug smuggling from the Pacific Islands. This is great news for many countries in the region because it means they can focus on other issues like their infrastructure and education systems instead of just trying to keep drugs off their shores.

France outlaws Inhouse Pharmacy

InHousePharmacy is listed in PHAROS database to be dealt with by law enforcement officers for supplying pharmaceuticals without government approval!

Swiss Authorities seize shipments

Over 100 shipments containing unlicensed pharmaceuticals from Inhouse Pharmacy were seized by Swiss customs. The recipients were penalized for their crimes against the health and safety of citizens in Switzerland with an administrative procedure initiated by Swissmedic.

The real story behind Belgian seizures

Belgian federal agency for medicines and health products has seized shipments coming from Inhouse Pharmacy because the packages were not in compliance with Belgian law, which requires import licenses, safety approvals and permits to be issued by authorities there before they can enter Belgium’s borders.

In an effort to keep people safe when it comes to imported goods that may contain harmful substances or drugs meant only for animals – such as those found in these cases- Belgians have taken steps into enforcing their laws more stringently than ever before – a practice we hope other countries follow suit on soon enough!

Australian Warnings

Australia’s Pharmaceutical Society Queensland branch is urging consumers to exercise extreme caution when purchasing from pharmacies like InHousePharmacy. “We have quite strict rules and regulations, one of the good things about being in Australia is that we do have quite a strong therapeutic goods administration,” said Acting President Chris Campbell. He warns people not to purchase anything from an overseas source because they don’t adhere to any sort of regulation at all!

InHousePharmacy LawSuit

In House Pharmacy have filed a lawsuit against Utah Airways and other associated businesses. They claim those companies “swindled” $1.4 million from them thanks to Operation Pangea that blocks alternative payments services like the ones In House uses. The case is currently before District Courts in Utah, where it will be determined if there was any wrong doing on behalf of these parties or not,

In house pharmacy alleged that they lost up to 1 Million dollars because of an American policy called Operation Pangea which blocked their ability use payment methods outside mainstream finance networks.

What Is The Phone Number?

You are better off finding an online pharmacy that has customer service and can offer you help in case there’s ever an issue with your order or prescription drug delivery – InHousePharmacy is not in the business of customer service and will just leave you hanging in case something goes wrong.

Does InHouse Pharmacy Have A Website?

Yes, InHousePharmacy does have its own website where it markets itself as “healthy medications” however upon further review we found that the site is for show only and even though InHousePharmacyy claims it has a “vetted” pharmacy in the Philippines, InHousePharmacy is in fact not based in this country or even Asia for that matter!

What Are InHousePharmacy’s Shipping Rates?

The company charges ridiculous shipping fees to get orders delivered in timely manner making this a very expensive option overall. Otherwise, the customers have to wait for 10 weeks to benefit from the free shipping offer.

In my opinion you are better off finding an online pharmacy that offers affordable rates with no hidden charges!

What Kind Of Payment Methods Do They Accept?

The company that claims to sell prescription drugs from the comfort of your home and has been doing business for over 19 years is running into some unexpected issues. First, Visa and MasterCard blocked payments because they were not happy with their legitimacy after discovering it was a scam site preying on transgender’s fears about getting Estradiol, Estrogen, Progesterone prescriptions filled in person, The Washington Post reported back in 2016 about how the internet black market like InHousePharmacy profits off trans discrimination.

Does InHousePharmacy need a prescription?

InHousePharmacy doesn’t require a prescription in order to serve you or sell you medication, they will not ask for one in the process of buying medications on their site.

Does InHousePharmacy sell controlled medications?

No, in house pharmacy does not sell controlled medications like phentermine, Xanax, Adderall and HCG drops.

This company should be avoided at all costs as they have been engaging in unlawful business practices since the beginning of their operation on the internet.

How can I trust my purchase with iInHousePharmacy?

We have seen no evidence suggesting that we could trust our purchases at InHousePharmacy in any way!

InHousePharmacy has engaged in unlawful business practices and it is best not to buy from them for that reason!

The Verdict

I would avoid this fraudulent company if I were you!

The review above contains all information in regards to this online pharmacy that should help you make an educated decision in regards to whether or not you should purchase from

Now there is a review about Inhouse Pharmacy and how it has engaged in unlawful business practices. What do you think?

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