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Inhouse Pharmacy

Inhouse Pharmacy Review – Fake Drugs scandal Exposed

InhousePharmacy.vu is an offshore online pharmacy established in 1996. It’s owned by Pacific Health Limited, a company registered in Vanuatu ( South Pacific Ocean islands known for being a base for offshore companies dealing in blackmarket ).


The company behind Inhouse Pharmacy claims to be one of the oldest international online pharmacies that still works today because it ” satisfy their customers for at least 18 years ”.

In this review , I’ll tell you why you shouldn’t use it as on average, customers reported $300 of loss due to fraud charges.

InhousePharmacy has a range of more than 1000 medicines under a wide range of categories. Customers can place orders via telephone, fax, email or online.

Is a Prescription needed ?

At the old days of Inhouse Pharmacy, it wasn’t asking for a prescription to deliver medicines but due to the pressure from legal organizations after 2012 , this pharmacy has started to ask for a valid prescription to be mailed or faxed.

Many unbiased reviewers who share experiences and opinions online have confirmed that you can skip the prescription step easily by negotiating it with the customers support.

To Be Clear: This pharmacy does not need its customers to send any type of valid physician prescriptions before trying to order online. Personally, We have never tried to buy anything from Inhouse Pharmacy, but some of our friends told us that they did not ask for a prescription, which means that medicines you find on their site are available to you without any prescriptions or anything in this area.

Affordable Prices Scam

The prices are really high compared to legitimate pharmacies! I checked the price of ED drugs (for the last 2 years, I was looking for ED drugs and I know almost all the prices for almost all ED drugs, at least the most famous) and so, when I checked the price of my favorite ED drug called Kamagra. I saw that it is sold at the price of 27.54 US Dollars per unit which is a very high price compared to other trusted online pharmacies.

Owner Conviction Scandal

Official New Zealand news agencies have reported that a former pharmacist named Kerry Donald Bell who’s the owner / director of the company behind Inhouse Pharmacy has been convicted by Auckland District Court “a New Zealand court” for selling fake medicines, the court action was done in response to Interpol requests to shut down this company.

Inhouse Pharmacy Scam Exposed

  • In France, the government has announced that it’s illegal to use inhousepharmacy.vu.
  • There are financial penalties for using it by the Swiss Agency For Therapeutic Products.
  • The Polish government has suspended all the shipments from Vanuatu.
  • In Hong Kong, Cyprus and Belgium ; it’s listed as non legitimate pharmacy.

Products Quality

Inhouse Pharmacy Fake

On its website you can find all kinds of uncontrolled medicines that belong to different categories of patients with different needs, whether they are women or men with a wide variety of needs.

Unlike other reliable online pharmacies, It has a limited number of Ed medicines. The most available pills are Indian brands like Kamagra , Silagra , Tadacip , Tadalis SX in addition to Levitra brand.

Also It has around 74 hormones for male and female Transgenders, All of these products are fake since it’s impossible to buy them online legally without a prescription

In the past, Inhouse pharmacy got its popularity by providing hard to get medicines especially those which have been suspended by FDA. For example, there is a product ( we won’t mention its name here for public health protection ) available for sale through Inhouse pharmacy has got a warning from many health organizations that lead to a reported nine deaths.

Shipping & Delivery

This pharmacy offers shipping from Vanuatu, usually orders are dispatched within 24 hours following placing the order according to the company claims.

Inhouse pharmacy does not have any shipping fees, which means that it provides a free delivery service to all its customers regardless of the country where the customers places their orders.

To be honest, it’s hard to believe. I can not believe they will not charge you for shipping if you order 10 pills. What I’m trying to say is that they could have free shipping for you by ordering only 10 pills of something if you are located somewhere near one of their store, but if you are far away, We guess you need to have a much bigger order for them to exclude postage fees. The Shipping is made by Standard International Airmail and it takes somewhere between 14 to 21 days as they claim.

Our friend order took like 18 days or so and his shipping fees were zero. But he ordered 100 pills and he lives in the United States. Our hypothesis is that the duration can really vary depending on the region where you live. They also have an EMS service but it is payable.

UK shipping isn’t available according to a statement on the website: “To satisfy the requirements of Regulation 7 of the UK Medicines (Advertising) Regulations 1994, this site is not intended for those people who reside in the United Kingdom”.

Payment Methods

Inhouse pharmacy was accepting credit cards but due to the engagement in a scam operation , it was suspended by Visa and MasterCard from using their facilities. Currently it accepts payments through Bitcoin , Wire transfer and Echecks.

According to our analysis, we have found that most of fraud complaints were by customers who have used Bitcoin to shop on InhousePharmacy. Were not sure if only Americans can buy by bitcoins and checks or they are provided to anyone everywhere.

Discount Coupons

Customers don’t like inhouse pharmacy as they do not favor their customers, especially long-time customers. The only “offer” or “coupon” we found (because We didn’t really understand what it is) is that they offer 10% off for those who pay via bitcoin but this is for their favor because we all know how the price of bitcoin increases lately. No wonder they want to get as many bitcoins as possible.


We’re not able to find any proof of its authenticity that we can share with you here. You shouldn’t use this online pharmacy. By using Inhouse pharmacy, You are losing money.

Even if it’s not a scam, We’ll always say no. Some people see a positive aspect, others oppose it. We take into consideration that they have no coupons, and they have really expensive drugs and We’re sure they are lying about absolutely free shipping worldwide regardless of how much you order.

That’s why we would not order on this site (these are also the words of customers shared under this review post)

Best Alternative

We recommend using a trusted pharmacy for getting medicines like Ritedrugstore that has a wide range of products under different categories for sale online with fast delivery.

Overall Rating

Product Prices
Products Quality
Speed of Delivery
Privacy & Security
Customer support
Product Packaging


Don’t use Inhouse Pharmacy as on average, customers reported $300 of loss due to fraud charges.

Check Best Alternative
User Rating: 0.8 ( 30 votes)

13 Unbiased Opinions

  1. Jake Abraham

    Inhouse Pharmacy has sent me crashed pills, sent them an email asking for a reshipment without any response for 23 days.

  2. Susie B

    This is all bogus – been using for years – even before they changed to new URL address a couple years ago.
    Never had a problem in the USA.
    A+ Service.

  3. Anonnymous

    No delivery to my address.

    When I complained they have told me that the delivery isn’t supported for customers in New York then Asked for a refund and got no response back.

  4. Anonnymous

    The delivery of the package supposed to be on 11.10.2017. Without further notice, this date was not met.

    No delivery till now 🙁

  5. Anonnymous

    I ordered a skin product, and I’m not satisfied at all.

    It has no opacity, looks more like an oil.

    I still having red spots in my forehead, then I wanted to send back but you only pay 20 back from the product price.

    Terrible company.

  6. Anonnymous

    The packaging in my opinion is not very good, even if it looks very packaged.

    I tried to get it up, the contents (a glass bottle) thundered and crashed on the stone floor.

  7. Chris Lee

    I’ve contacted the customers support many times with NO Respond to my tickets.

  8. Chris Lee

    Unfortunately, there is no expiry date on the products, which I miss very much.

  9. Thomas

    I’ve used it for buying Motilium in the past but I can’t recommend this store anymore because I have got 100% fake pills 🙁

  10. Nora

    At the beginning I was very enthusiastic about this pharmacy. I bought from it on the recommendation of Reddit post. I recently bought a new pack of syrups (the old one lasted about 5 months) and I have the feeling that the active ingredients have been changed. Suddenly nothing has changed.

    Unfortunately, very disappointed!


  11. Charlotte Lucas

    I was so noob to have thought that ordering ‎Estrofem 2mg through Inhousepharmacy would save me extra money.

    I have filed a fraud claim with my credit card provider for a refund !!

    DON’T order from these bastards !! I advise Don’t.

  12. Andreea

    Unfortunately Inhouse pharmacy does not deliver what they promise.

    The reviews say that most of the orders delivered after 1-2 weeks.

    Unfortunately, there is still nothing to see after 14 weeks 😐

  13. Lisa Darrell

    Due to my dissatisfaction, I’ve contacted them and asked for a gentle refund and they have refused since I paid through Bitcoin.

    Because of this behavior, it becomes clear for me now that it is a fraud company.


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