Impotence Treatments

Experiencing the symptoms of impotence, or erectile dysfunction, as it is also called, can be a source of frustration and depression that is inconsolable. In this article, we’ll examine the possible types of treatment that one who has become afflicted with erectile dysfunction can undergo in order to curb their problem and return to normal sexual functioning.
When it comes to treating erectile dysfunction, the form of treatment depends primarily on the underlying causes of the problem. There are many reasons that one may come down with a case of erectile dysfunction, and the various reasons require different treatments. For example, if one’s erectile dysfunction problem is caused by underlying psychological issues, many physicians employ the use of a placebo in order to trick the patient into believing that they will not be having an impotence problem. This newfound courage that the patient exhibits is often enough to keep the psychological stressors that are keeping them from attaining erections from existing in the forefront of the sufferer’s mind. In that way, much of the stress of the situation is relieved and the fear of not being able to perform may disappear, leading to a quick and easy solution to the problem.

Another leading reason that men suffer from impotence is a lack of sufficient hormones. Hormones control much of the way that our bodies perform, and a lack of them can lead to many problems, including erectile dysfunction. If your impotence problem is caused by a lack of hormonal support, doctors may prescribe synthetic hormones in order to curb the problem. One of the other most prominent reasons that men suffer from erectile dysfunction is damaged blood vessels throughout the penis.
This problem is often found to occur in older men whose bodies are not in the best shape anymore, and it can also be brought about by the presence of diseases such as diabetes. Many of these cases of erectile dysfunction can be solved by the use of an oral medication such as Viagra, which works by allowing blood to fill in the penis more readily. There are several types of drugs which can perform this duty, and they are from the family of drugs that are known as PDE5 inhibitors. While these drugs can only provide temporary solutions to the problem, they have proved to be a great way to help those with erectile dysfunction to perform when necessary.

When medications and psychological solutions aren’t working to solve your problem, doctors may turn to more drastic methodologies. One of these is a vacuum-type pump which one places over the penis in order to help achieve erection. For those who take their condition very seriously and are willing to pay to undergo a surgical procedure, implants can be placed into the penis that allows it to be more rigid.

These are just some of the solutions that men turn to in order to get over their problems with erectile dysfunction. If you are experiencing symptoms, you may want to speak to a doctor in order to find the solution that is best for your specific condition.

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