Impotence Has Many Causes

Male sexual impotence can often be a challenging condition to live with because it can have many causes. Very rarely can erectile dysfunction disorders be traced to one specific cause. In most cases, sexual impotence is the result of a combination of factors. Some people are more susceptible to developing an erectile dysfunction, although just about anyone can develop sexual impotence. Here are some of the causes that may trigger erectile dysfunction disorder and other sexual impotence disorders. If you suspect you suffer from an erectile disorder, here are some of the areas that may be responsible. Your physician will help you determine the cause (or causes) of your problems.

The first thing that your doctor will determine is whether your problem is physiological in nature. There are many physical causes that can cause erectile dysfunction disorder. Certain diseases can trigger erectile dysfunction disorder, including high blood pressure, diabetes, chronic renal failure, arterial sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, flu, liver disease and other age-related conditions. Erectile dysfunction disorder can also be triggered by certain prescription medications with known side effects.

Your doctor will be able to determine whether any prescription medications that you are taking may be responsible for your sexual impotence. Erectile dysfunction can also be the result of post-surgical side effects. Surgery can result in injuries to certain organs that in turn can result in an erectile disorder. Injuries to the penis, testicles, pelvic area, spine and other types of vascular trauma can lead to sexual impotence.

Erectile disorder can also result from substance abuse and excessive consumption of caffeine. Excessive smoking can also lead to sexual impotence. Other physical causes of erectile dysfunction disorder can be triggered by some kind of hormone deficiency, aging related disorders, and excessive alcohol consumption.

There are also several psychological causes that can trigger erectile dysfunction disorder. In some cases, psychological problems may stem from a physical condition. But in other cases psychological problems may be at the root of sexual impotency. Some of the psychological factors that can lead to sexual impotence include depression, anxiety, stress, lack of sexual desire on behalf of one or both partners, guilt, difficulty communicating with one’s sexual partner, and other relationship problems.
If you suspect that you are suffering from erectile dysfunction disorder or some form of sexual impotence disorder, visit your physician or urologist in order to get a complete health examination. Before you visit your physician, take a personal inventory of your body and condition. Do you suspect that your problem is related to physical or psychological causes? Or maybe you suspect that a combination of these factors may be responsible?

Consider any prescription medications, injuries, or physical disorders that you may be suffering from. Also, consider whether you have been under any stress, or if you have suffered from depression. Even if you suspect that your condition is physical in nature, your psychological state of mind can also affect the development of erectile dysfunction disorder. Taking inventory of your mental and physical health before you visit a physician may help you come to a treatment plan sooner.

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