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Impotence And Young Aged Men

Although we tend to think of erectile dysfunction and other male sexual dysfunction disorders as a problem of older men, a new study indicates that young men also suffer from sexual impotence at considerable rates.

Recent research conducted by the Northwestern University’s Feinberg School of Medicine and the Children’s Memorial Hospital in Chicago found that a substantial number of young men reported experiencing some form of erectile dysfunction.

According to the researchers, 13 percent of the young men that were interviewed reported experiencing erectile dysfunction. In this study, erectile dysfunction was defined as a difficulty in achieving or sustaining an erection during a sexual encounter.

The young men who were interviewed as part of the study indicated that most had not discussed these problems with their doctor.

The study indicates that most of the men experienced erectile dysfunction as a result of using a condom during sex. A substantial part of the group that was interviewed reported that they lost an erection while attempting to put on a condom.

According to the study, 25 percent of the young men interviewed experienced erectile dysfunction as a result of using a condom. This finding has alerted health advocates, who worry those young men may be less likely to use a condom for fear of experiencing erectile dysfunction.

Indeed, the study seemed to echo this fear. The young men who were interviewed admitted that they were four times less likely to use a condom during a sexual encounter, for fear of repeating past experiences with erectile dysfunction.

The relatively high number of young men who report experiencing some kind of erectile dysfunction has led to a greater use of sexual dysfunction drugs on behalf of this age group.

The study found that many young college-age men are beginning to take Viagra and other sex enhancing drugs. This goes against the widespread assumption that Viagra and similar drugs are generally reserved for older men. This does not appear to be the case.

The high use of Viagra by young men has alerted health professionals to a new threat. The study found that young men who take Viagra are more likely to combine this drug with alcohol or illegal substances. This combination of drugs and substances can pose a serious health risk to the user. Also, the study found that this misuse of Viagra could result in the increased spreading of sexually transmitted diseases.

In the Chicago studies, roughly six percent of the young men interviewed admitted to taking Viagra and other similar erectile dysfunction drugs. But more than half the young men interviewed (57%) admitted to treating their erectile dysfunction with some other type of drug. According to the study, most of the young men interviewed did not get their erectile dysfunction drugs through their physician. Most of the young men (64%) received their drugs by ordering them through online pharmacies. Of course, this worries many health professionals, who warn that some online drugs are not always safe.

Moreover, use of Viagra and other drugs requires monitoring by a physician, and this is not possible if most young men are getting their drugs from someone who is not a health professional.

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