What’s the Importance of Probiotics for Our Bodies ?

Probiotics are living microorganisms that occur naturally in our gut. They can have a beneficial effect on your health if you ingest them through, for example, fermented foods, dairy or probiotic supplements.

The intestines contain a combination of more than hundreds of billions of good and bad bacteria. Together these form the so-called intestinal flora, which plays a role in the digestion of food. For a properly functioning digestion, bowel movements and a healthy immune system, it is important that the intestinal flora remains in balance. When there is an imbalance in the intestinal flora, it can help to take extra probiotics (good bacteria) to help restore the balance in your intestines

The Main Health Effects of Probiotics

We often don’t realize it enough, but our intestines do much more than just take care of digestion and bowel movements. 80% of your immune system resides in your gut. Many signaling functions and receptors are located in the intestines that communicate with other parts of your body or are controlled from the intestines. You should therefore be able to understand that when the intestinal flora is not in balance, various physical discomforts can arise. It is therefore important to ensure that your intestines are in balanceand continue for the pursuit of good health. A disturbed intestinal flora can occur as a result of taking antibiotics or other medication, living an unhealthy lifestyle (stress, obesity, incorrect diet, alcohol, etc.) or environmental factors (environmental pollution, radiation, etc.). Healthy bacteria in the form of probiotics can in such a case bring the intestinal flora back into balance by restoring the natural balance of the bacteria. Balanced gut contributes to:

  • A better resistance or a stronger immune system so that the body is better protected.
  • Better recovery after a course of antibiotics that have negative effects on the intestinal flora.
  • Reduction of intestinal problems
  • Help Lowering LDL Cholesterol
  • Reducing fatigue as a result of a disturbed intestinal flora.

When People use Probiotics?

In general, most people get too little fruit and vegetables and too many refined foods and they don’t get enough exercise. It is wise to use probiotics to support the intestinal flora. If there is sufficient exercise and a healthy diet, but you suffer from stress, sleep poorly or if you have completed a course of antibiotics, the intestinal flora can also use help in the form of probiotics.

Probiotics are found in a variety of foods including pickled vegetables, kimchi, miso, sauerkraut and drinks such as kombucha, kefir and yogurt. These foods must be eaten regularly to have an actual effect. If this is not the case, probiotic supplements are a lot more effective for your intestinal flora.

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