How To Do The Perfect Cat Makeup

How To Do The Perfect Cat Makeup

Have you ever thought about how to do the perfect cat makeup? You might be thinking that it is the simplest makeup which you can easily do at home. But you don’t need to be so worried, because you can easily get the perfect cat makeup if you follow the proper procedure.

Nowadays, you will see different kinds of cat makeup, but still there are some basic things which you must follow. These basic steps will surely make you a perfect cat makeup artist and you will get a gorgeous and mesmerizing look.

1. Start with eyes:

Start with eye makeup, because it is the first thing that catches the attention of everyone. First of all, you need to remove any kind of eye makeup, as it will just make your eyes look messy. After that, you need to apply mascara and then apply eyeliner.

2. Apply blush:

Apply blush on your cheeks. Make sure that you don’t use too much blush because it will make your face look dull. You can also use blusher for eyes, but if you don’t want to make your face look too orange then avoid it.

3. Apply lipstick:

You need to apply lipstick on your lips. You can use a variety of lipsticks, but you must know that matte lipstick is not a good choice.

4. Apply eyeliner:

Apply eyeliner on your eyes. You can use pencil or liquid eyeliner, but liquid eyeliner is better.

5. Finish it off:

It’s done! Now you can wear a pretty and gorgeous cat makeup.


I hope you liked this article “How To Do The Perfect Cat Makeup”. There are so many cat makeup tutorials available on the internet, but you must know that this is the simplest one.

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