How long will acne last? Does it last forever?

It’s a question that haunts many people who suffer from it, but today I’m going to answer your question

Acne can be a difficult thing to live with, but what we’ve learned is that it generally doesn’t last forever. Acne doesn’t stay the same for forever, it changes over time.

Acne lasts depending on the severity of your acne and how you treat it but Acne usually lasts anywhere between 3 months to a few years, the amount of time acne takes to clear up depends on the severity your acne was at when you started treating it and whether or not you continue seeing any risk factors. If you’re diligent about keeping with your treatment regiment and work on preventing flare-ups by modifying your lifestyle, then chances are that after a few months or so of consistent care; you’ll see significant improvement in how quickly your acne clears up. With this increased success rate, most people can be able to say goodbye to their zits while simultaneously gaining back their confidence.

There are many factors that contribute to acne, including genetics and hormones. The best way to treat acne is by going to the doctor for prescription medication or over-the-counter treatments like benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid.

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