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Harder & Longer Erections

How to Get Harder & Longer Erections Fast Without Much Effort

Almost all men have problems or problems with it, Maintaining a hard erection. It is also called Erectile Dysfunction. Erectile Dysfunction means that you find it difficult to sustain an erection during sex. 

It is not a normal condition and it is therefore necessary to solve the cause of the problem. So that you can have long, enjoyable sex like a normal man.

How Many Men Have Difficulty Keeping a Hard Erection?

20% of men under 40 have difficulty maintaining a hard erection. Above 40 years that is more than 50% and above 70 years it is more than 66% who have problems with it.

Is Every Erection Problem Therefore Erectile Dysfunction?

No. Not every time you have a flaccid penis during sex, it means that you suffer from erectile dysfunction.

Sometimes it can happen that you do not get a hard erection, just because you are tired, stressed or – as we all know – have drunk too much and just after ejaculation it is completely normal.

What Are the Causes?

premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction

There are a lot. Here are the most common:

  • Problems with the blood supply to the penis. It is very difficult to maintain a hard erection if there is no blood to pump it up. Think of cardiovascular diseases or diabetes.
  • Neurological disorders (very rare)
  • Depression or being in a dip. It is virtually impossible to have a strong erection if you are ‘down’.
  • Fear of failure: This is one of the most common reasons why men can not keep an erection. Read on carefully if this is the cause for you.
  • Too much stress: Because of stress, getting a good erection is much more difficult. Causes of stress can be a lot. Work, family, lawsuits, money problems, illnesses etc.
  • You are bored in bed with the same partner. It is very normal if after a while you feel less in sex with the same partner and therefore have difficulty with an erection.
  • Medication: Some medications ensure that you get erectile dysfunction. If you stop taking medication ( always in consultation with your doctor ) you are likely to get rid of it quickly.
  • You have a porn addiction. An increasingly common problem is erectile dysfunction or erection problems due to watching too much or too much porn.
  • You have an unhealthy lifestyle. Sports, good sleep and healthy eating are the most important for maintaining a harder, longer erection.
  • You have a low testosterone level. This can be due to an unhealthy lifestyle or just the wrong diet (more on this later).

What Should I Do if I Have Problems?

Couples Impotence treatment

First, go to your doctor. If you have a physical problem (depression, cardiovascular diseases, neurological diseases), he is the one who can find out.

Secondly, do not start directly with viagra. It does not solve the cause of your problem, you must always keep taking it, it is expensive and you get used to it over time.

Third: Make sure you have more sports and eat right. In literally all cases your doctor will recommend this and even prescribe you as the first treatment.

Solutions to Maintain a Harder Erection for Longer

There are a lot of solutions for erectile dysfunction. In the worst case, penis pumps, surgeries and injections in your penis. But before you have to do something shameful, fortunately there are a lot of other healthier solutions:

  • More sports, healthier eating and certain food like avoiding the plague (later more about it).
  • If you are younger than 40 , there are usually mental problems that you can solve (stress, anxiety, porn, depression).
  • If you are 40+ , there are usually physical problems that you want to solve (diseases, exercise, nutrition).
  • Train your penis with cone exercises to maintain your erection.
  • Become better in foreplay. If you get better at fingering and licking your wife, a few magical things happen: She comes more often and is much more satisfied with you & You are more focused on giving pleasure, which makes fear of failure less of a problem & You are more excited because you have just seen her cum.
  • Increase your testosterone to get stronger and longer erections.
  • Eat specific foods that increase your testosterone and provide a higher libido so you have less trouble with hard erections.

How to Become Her Best Lover Despite Your Erectile Dysfunction ?

Although it is good if you can keep it stiff, it is not as bad as you think. Why?

Because you do not need your cock to get her ready. In fact, even, With one finger and your mouth you can give her stronger, longer and more intense orgasms than she ever had.

And believe me, “That is not possible for any other man.”.

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