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Instant Female Sex Drive Is Not in Flibanserin Pill

At our office we regularly get heterosexual couples who have been everywhere and nowhere because she has no sense in sex. Often one of them asks at a given moment if we do not have a pill to ‘repair’ her, so that she automatically ‘feels’ again.

You may think that a solution is near now that a committee has advised the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to allow flibanserin to enter the market. The product that, according to the manufacturer, could generate sexual desire in women. That would be good news if ‘sense’ comes out of the brain, as the Sprout manufacturer suggests. 

How Does Flibanserin Work ?

Flibanserin lowers the amount of serotonin in the brain and increases dopamine and norepinephrine. The imbalance between inhibitory and stimulating factors is thus restored, making women ‘normal’ again. 

Flibanserin is called the ‘pink viagra‘, but has nothing to do with viagra. Flibanserin works on the brain and must be taken daily, viagra not. Viagra (and similar pills) do not automatically get an erection, it only helps the erection a hand by strengthening the blood supply to the penis. But although viagra stimulates blood flow, and flibanserin affects the brain, the same misunderstanding stuck to both that excitement and “sense” automatically, without sexual stimulus, can be generated. More about that later.

Concerns About Flibanserin

1- Small Effect While the Chance of Side Effects Is Great. 

A doctor who participated in the hearing of the FDA qualified flibanserin as “a moderate aphrodisiac with frightening side effects”. Only 10 percent of women noticed a ‘slight’ effect. (By comparison, 75% of men who use viagra experience a ‘moderate’ effect.) Women who took flibanserin daily had more likely satisfying sex, but they did not ‘feel any more’, and the placebo effect was large: 30 percent of women who used a fake pill also reported satisfying sex more often.

A medicine that needs to be taken every day must be absolutely safe. However, at least 20 percent of the women in the study suffered from side effects such as drop in blood pressure, dizziness, fainting, drowsiness and nausea. About 30 percent of all women who tested the pill stopped prematurely. Side effects are more serious in women who use the contraceptive pill and in alcohol use.

The advisory committee, of which even all proponents have ‘serious reservations’ about safety, therefore proposes comprehensive safety measures. But how realistic are restrictions such as restriction of use to America only, an alcohol ban for users, or the advice not to use flibanserin in combination with the pill if you know that every medicine in no time in the world without intervention of a doctor, to get via the internet?

2- Dubious Scientific Basis

Our second concern concerns the dubious scientific basis and the pseudofeminist rhetoric that have ensured that the drug, after being disapproved twice, can now count on the support of a hesitant advisory committee. Despite claims made by the manufacturer, it can not be established in any way what constitutes a ‘healthy’ balance between inhibitory and stimulating substances in the brain. The argument that this pill returns women’s “normal” sense of sex suggests that there is such a thing as “normal sense” of a constant level. And that it would be determined by biological factors.

But it works differently: women (and men) get into sex because something stimulates them sexually, only when you expect that there can be fun sex, you also get sex. Why would ‘sense’ work differently for women than for men? The only difference between men and women is the extent to which they experience pleasure and cum in sex in which sexual intercourse is the beginning, middle and end. Penetration without clitoral stimulation is not that exciting for women, so why would you feel like it with or without a lust?

It seems that the committee has gone through the knees under pressure from a lobby of female doctors (paid by the manufacturer), congressmen and women’s organizations, who accused the FDA of sexism. With the argument: there are 26 pills (actually only viagra and testosterone) for men, and women are therefore also entitled to a pill.


Our main objection is that the way flibanserin reduces sex to something like digestion. As if sexual excitement just happens automatically and can also be generated by a pill just like that. It denies the many meanings that sex can have a pleasant hobby, an expression of love, an expression of individuality or vulnerability. 

Men and women are presented by the flibanserin lobby as creatures of different planets that are in the bedroom mainly opposites. Women who do not want the one-sided sex that is imposed on them are presented by that lobby as patients with a disease. We are absolutely not against pills that contribute to increasing sexual pleasure for women,

What does help is that women learn not to find the sexual pleasure of their partner more important than their own pleasure. This pill takes women back to the time when sex was a marital duty. In America, the sounds of ‘ male chauvinist pigs ‘ are already off the air, women without a sense should only swallow a sex pill. If they do not, oh, then is he still entitled to cheat?

Our hope is now focused on an FDA that is well informed, recognizes how poor the arguments of the pro-voters are, and that does not give in to a company that, for the sake of profit, tastelessly plays the feminist card.

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