FDA Grants Emergency Use Authorization for Pfizer’s Covid-19 Vaccine

The first coronavirus vaccine has just been approved by the US Food and Drug Administration. It has been on the market for nine months, and it will likely lead to more vaccine mandates. It’s called Comirnaty, and BioNTech and Pfizer are marketing it.

This decision by the FDA allows the use of this critical lifesaving medicine to continue during the COVID-19 pandemic. This vaccine provides essential protection against the virus that causes COVID-19, including in people who have already been infected. The vaccine is given as a shot in the arm, just like other vaccines you might receive as part of your routine immunizations. The approval of this vaccine is a significant milestone for public health and global health security.

The Comirnaty vaccine has been given to 92 million people in the United States without any significant side effects whatsoever… and… it has a high success rate in preventing infection with Covid-19.

It means people who have already been infected with COVID-19 can get vaccinated and stop the spread of the virus. This will likely significantly impact the number of people who become seriously ill or die from this disease.

When something is “gold standard,” it means it is the best of its kind, and there is no better one available. In this case, the vaccine has been tested repeatedly by cautious scientists, and it has proven to be 100% safe and effective.

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