FaastPharmacy.com Review – Fraudulent Ripoff EXPOSED

Faastpharmacy.com is an online pharmacy that has been rumored to be selling counterfeit and outdated drugs and not having a secure payment system or being licensed in any country they operate in.

Customers’ reviews are flawed, with complaints about delayed shipping times from the company and no refund policy for defective products you may receive.

Affiliate marketers have noted that the company’s affiliate program is a scam, where your payments are held in their account without being released, which many customers have confirmed.

Also, social media is full of complaints about how they ship counterfeit and expired drugs through the mail – do not order from them.

Purchasing prescription medication online is a dangerous endeavor, as it’s challenging to ascertain whether you’re receiving fake drugs.

The company also seems to be registered under different names instead of their “Faastpharmacy” name, which makes tracking them significantly harder than a natural pharmacy that sells generics online.

They also sell health products, vitamins, weight loss, and Ed pills. The other health supplements they offer are no better and may contain high amounts of heavy metals and toxic chemicals due to being unregulated.

There is also a rumor that they have been reported for operating from the same address as another online scam, InhousePharmacy; However, no one can confirm this when you call; it quickly forwards to faastpharmacy.com.

They also blame drug companies for the medicine shortages they have been dealing with, yet their website is full of fake drugs that do not match their descriptions. They stock everything from antibiotics to painkillers, and most of the time, these pills are not even what they are labeled.

Another popular trend with this company is that their customer support will always tell you a different reason why your order has been delayed. First, it was because of customs, then the medicines were sent out but got lost in the mail, and now it’s because there is a problem processing payment on their site.

This may be due to their online sales being banned by PayPal, the only payment method they have accepted since October 2013, but all other payment options are still advertised on their website.

“Apparently, this is all rather difficult to explain to a group of people who have been trying for years now to convince the rest of us that reality is irrelevant.” – James A. Donald

faastpharmacy.com has no physical address and only operates under one name with multiple phone numbers on different websites (see below). They claim they work internationally, but it appears they are just running from China, as most listings of online lead back to that area.

They will also tell you that there is nothing wrong with your order because the drugs have gone through quality control tests, as if that means anything since the medicines they are selling you have no label and the ingredients listed on their website may not even be in your bottle.

Faastpharmacy.com’s primary business model is to buy expired drugs from foreign countries that have not been tested, label them with harmless ingredients, and then sell them as the real thing. This is a very effective way of making money because most patients who know they need these drugs will buy anything to make themselves whole again.

Since there are no regulations on foreign pharmacies, this allows faastpharmacy.com to sell their fake products without legal repercussions from changing the labels or adding illegal substances into your medicines.

They will also tell you that they have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB), but when dealing with complaints against faastpharmacy.com, all five complaints were closed by one person, known only as “Ryan.” If there is any validity to this company at all, it would be through their sales, and since they cannot be contacted by email or phone, they are only operating in an “overseas” capacity. The BBB has been known to work with fraudulent businesses before, so whether this rating is true or false, you will never get a response from faastpharmacy.com regarding its legitimacy.

If you ask customer service if your order is real or fake, they will tell you that their products have gone through quality-control tests and should not be questioned. Whenever a person asks about the legality of their products, this company’s policy is to hide behind medical advice.

If you have a problem with your order, this company will tell you to take it up with the seller. Yet, when asking about who that is, they will only respond to say “ask your shipment carrier” or “we are not responsible for any damage caused by our products being tampered with after delivery.” It appears faastpharmacy.com wants to avoid taking any responsibility for its actions.

Whenever someone asks why there is no phone number on their website, faastpharmacy.com’s policy is one of avoidance. Any time an honest person speaks out against them, they ban them from making future purchases, citing specific policies.

If you choose to order from them, expect your package to be delayed several times, and then when it does arrive, it will be in a plain brown paper bag with your name and address handwritten on it. The pills themselves will come in a small unmarked individual plastic baggie as if to say one pill each so that they can deny their guilt should the contents turn out fake or not correctly labeled.

They will also tell you that import taxes have been paid on all shipments, but no proof is provided. Considering how they label these packages, this is false as US Customs would never allow an illegal substance into their country without collecting taxes.

This company wants nothing more than to make money for themselves at the expense of your health, and they will lie to you to achieve that goal. With the number of complaints against this company, it is surprising they are still allowed on the internet. Their business model does not allow them to pass inspection by any governing body because their operation relies on false advertisement, misleading content, and outright lies about medical information or legality.

If you have been through this company and feel like something went wrong with your order, please get in touch with a government agency so that we can try and stop these people from harming others who may be unaware of their true intentions.

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