Erection Pills: 4 Most Common Questions About Answered

Erectile dysfunction or erectile dysfunction is when men have difficulty getting or maintaining an erection sufficient to have sexual intercourse satisfactorily.

There are several types of erection pills, but usually, people mean the group we call so-called PDE5 inhibitors. Other erection pills are generally not effective, safe, or well-tested. This is the case with several known PDE5 inhibitors.

This group of erection pills ensures that a specific enzyme that keeps the erectile tissues in the penis tense is blocked.

By blocking the PDE5 enzyme, more blood can flow into the penis more easily. This makes it possible for men with erection problems – to get an erection healthily and effectively – allowing satisfying sexual intercourse.

The most well-known types of PDE5 inhibitors are:

  • Sildenafil (Viagra, Kamagra)
  • Tadalafil (Cialis)
  • Vardenafil (Levitra)
  • Avanafil (Stendra, Spedra)

These substances all essentially do the same thing, but they differ in several ways in terms of function and application. So it is a matter of which fabric best suits your situation. Based on these things, people often prefer one or the other.

How Well Do Erection Pills Work?

Various independent studies show that the best-known reliable brands of erection pills effectively solve the symptoms of erection problems for about 80% of men. So there is a relatively high percentage of men who benefit from erection pills.

However, it should be noted that erection pills only function well to treat the symptoms of erection problems. That is not the same as curing the causes that cause erection problems. This is not what erection pills do.

Are Erection Pills Safe?

The most well-known PDE5 inhibitors are relatively safe to use. There are no known severe drawbacks that – for no apparent reason – come with the use of erection drugs. However, erection drugs are still just medicines; there are some serious things that you should consider before you decide to use them.

These agents cannot be combined well with several specific diseases, disorders, nutrients, or other medicines. So in any case, read the package leaflet carefully and ask your doctor for information about your situation.

As a rule, the use of erection pills is no problem for most men, without serious health risks and severe side effects.

Are Erection Pills Addictive?

Erection pills are not physically addictive. So there are no substances in it that make you physically dependent on it or cause withdrawal symptoms. For this reason, it can also be used indefinitely without causing physical addiction or health problems.

However, it may be the case in some cases – mainly if erection problems are caused by mental issues – that men start to use erection pills as a mental stool. As a result, some people can no longer have sex without using erection pills.

Where Can You Buy Erection Pills?

If you want to ensure that you get high-quality erection pills at home, there are several options. It is possible to get erection pills through your doctor and the pharmacy. This does require that you have erection problems with a demonstrable medical cause. In that case, make an appointment with your doctor. You can then provide this with a prescription.

If you are not interested in the above option – or if a doctor does not want to prescribe you anything – several good online mail-order pharmacies can provide you with original, high-quality pills and inform you well about their use.

Be careful with the online purchase of erection pills. There are also a lot of unreliable and poor-quality webshops. So always be careful and only buy from online stores that you trust.

How do erection problems arise?

Erection problems can have various causes that can be both physical and psychological. For that reason, it is always wise to go to your doctor immediately if you have problems with erection problems. They can investigate various matters so that you know what the problem is and can look for a suitable solution.

If there is a clear cause that medical procedure or medication can remedy, then the erection problems can often be solved without taking medication for this problem in itself. In addition, you will immediately find out that you are dealing with a problem – which is causing the erection problems – which can then be solved.

Do erection problems arise from old age?

No. To that extent, erection problems indeed become more common as men get older. However, it is not a function of aging or regular for someone getting older. Several medical causes can cause erection problems, which are more common in older adults than in young people. Think, for example, of declining testosterone levels or prostate problems.

So, if you are an older adult and are having trouble getting a satisfactory erection, visit your doctor to find out together what may have caused these problems and what can be done to resolve the causes or symptoms. Symptoms. However, it rarely has anything to do with your date of birth.

Are erection problems permanent?

Only if the cause is physical damage, such as neurological or vascular damage in nature, in most cases, people who have erection problems due to these causes are aware of the damage caused by the erection problems.

In almost all other cases, you can consult a doctor for solutions in the medical field. If the causes are mainly psychological, therapy can often work very well. You will have to look for the reason in every situation to be able to solve it.

Solutions for some people may also lie in more straightforward matters, such as weight loss or lifestyle changes.

Do I always have to go to the doctor with erection problems?

Yes. Always. Erection problems are, in most cases, a result of relatively harmless causes, which can often be solved by examining and treating the cause. It is essential to find out what is going on with you, and an objective, professional opinion is vital.

This is important to get rid of your erection problem and reduce the chance that severe pain forms the basis of the erection problems. There are several causes that you want to rule out.

In addition, a doctor can always provide you with advice and information that can be very important when it comes to the route you will take to improve your situation. Often there are multiple options, and a doctor can be valuable in making choices.

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