To What Extent are Erection Pills Really Effective?

There is much speculation about the usefulness of erection pills. For many people, the use of such pills is a precarious subject. Men don’t like to admit that they have trouble getting an erection. They often fear that their partner will see it as a sign of a lack of interest. However, erection problems can have many causes, both physical and mental. In order to better understand the usefulness of an erection pill, it is important to first know a little more about how it works.

How does an erection come about?

When a man is sexually stimulated, the erectile tissues in the penis fill with blood. As a result, the genitals increase in size, but more importantly, they become rigid, allowing penetration of the partner. Maybe you never really thought about it, but the fact that the erectile tissue only fills with blood when sexually stimulated is quite special in itself. After all, blood flows continuously through our body. Why does it not flow into those cavernous bodies in a normal situation? This is because there is a certain muscle tension on these cavernous bodies. Those muscles press the entrance shut, so that blood cannot flow into it. When a man becomes sexually aroused, the brain produces a substance that temporarily paralyzes the muscles around the cavernous bodies.

What does an erection pill do?

The muscle tension around the erectile tissues of the penis is constantly monitored by an enzyme. The substance that the brain releases into the blood during sexual arousal ensures that the effect of that enzyme is temporarily switched off. An erection pill contains a substance with the same property. It therefore ensures that blood can flow into the cavernous bodies and that an erection can occur. Incidentally, it is not the case that you immediately get an erection by taking an erection pill. A sexual stimulus will still be necessary to get an erection . In many cases, it then lasts longer.

Why does erectile dysfunction sometimes occur?

Men can experience erection problems for various reasons. The cause can be both psychological and physical. The use of certain medicines can also make it more difficult to get an erection or that the penis does not become hard enough or does not remain erect for long enough. Stress and fatigue are often also important causes. When you are under psychological pressure, it can be difficult to relax and enjoy the lovemaking. Anxiety can also play a role, for example after a heart attack or stroke. Men often think that the effort they make during sex is a risk, and this can lead to erection problems.

An erection drug can offer the solution

If you experience erection problems, you can use an erection pill from Erectie The erection pills in our webshop contain various active substances that help you to get an erection more easily that also lasts longer. The big advantage of many of these remedies is that you can take them well in advance. So you don’t have to take a quick pill when you go to the bedroom. Many of the products you order from us have a delayed effect. You take them when it suits you, and the erection pill does its job when you are ready. So you don’t have to be afraid of unexpected inconveniences such as an unwanted erection.

How does an erection drug work?

Most erection drugs ensure better blood flow to the blood vessels in the penis. This makes it easier for the penis to become erect. Because the blood is prevented from flowing back, the erection often lasts longer. Erection agents only work with sexual stimulation. Some work for a few hours, but there are also erection pills that work for more than 24 hours. In the description of the different products you can read what the active ingredient is and how long it works on average. For certain drugs, erection pills are available with different amounts of active ingredient. Always start with a low dose. If this gives insufficient results, you can try a product with a higher dose of active ingredient or a product with a different active ingredient. It is preferable not to take an erection drug if you have just eaten an extensive meal, as the drug may then work less well or quickly. Be careful with the use of alcohol, it can negatively affect the effect.

When should you be careful with the use of erection drugs?

If you are healthy you can try an erection agent without any problems. If you do have physical complaints, it can sometimes be advisable to discuss with your GP or your treating specialist whether you can use an erection agent. The most well-known side effects of erection drugs are

  • To blush
  • Headache
  • Dizziness

The last two symptoms are less common than the blushing. Always stick to the prescribed dose: taking a higher dose certainly does not give better or faster results. Some resources only work well if you use them more than once. However, limit the use of erection drugs to an average of 3 times a week to avoid any side effects.

Erection problems are more common than you think

Many men think they are the only ones with an erection problem. But nothing is less true. Erection problems occur in all age groups, not just older men, and can be temporary or long-lasting. If you prefer not to go to the doctor to discuss this problem, you can order a remedy at Erectie with which you can support getting and maintaining an erection. Before using a product, always read the package leaflet and be alert to possible side effects or hypersensitivity of ingredients.

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