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Erection Hardness Score

Erection Hardness Score – Erection Hardness and Sexual Satisfaction

For both men and women, sexual satisfaction depends mainly on the hardness of the erection. No evidence for men with erectile dysfunction. The good news is that something can be done about it.

Erectile Dysfunction, a Source of Frustration …

Erectile dysfunction has an impact on sex life for both men and women. The largest source of erectile dysfunction problems in the bedroom is a penis that is not stiff enough for penetration. This confirms a study published in Journal of Sexual Medicine .

Measuring Erection: Hard, Harder, Hardest

The starting point of the authors: the hardness of the erection is the conditio sine qua to be sexually satisfied. As a first step in examining their hypothesis, the scientists asked 447 men in treatment for erectile dysfunction and their female partners to determine the hardness of the penis via the Erection Hardness Score (EHS). This score is determined by means of the following four scales:

1 = the penis is bigger, but not hard

2 = the penis is hard, but not hard enough for penetration

3 = the penis is hard enough for penetration, but not completely hard

4 = the penis is completely hard.

“When determining the hardness, it is important that both partners are questioned,” explains Dr Claes, who led the research. “Most women in the study correctly estimate the erection hardness of their partner,” Dr Claes continues.

Erection Hardness and Sexual Satisfaction

Subsequently, men and women had to complete different questionnaires, which gauged their sexual satisfaction. For example: satisfaction with the duration of a free party, the difficulty of reaching orgasm, etc.

The researchers’ intentions ?! Check whether an increase in erection hardness would change the answers to the above questions. To answer this question, the treating physician prescribed a PDE5 inhibitor , a medicine that facilitates the erection. 

Two to four months later, participants had to re-enter the same questionnaires … Would they be more satisfied in the bedroom?

The Harder the Penis, the More Fun in Bed

What turned out? Not only was the erection hardness in most men rising from EHS3 to EHS4, the duration of maintaining the erection and the sexual satisfaction of both partners had also increased.

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