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Emla Cream for Premature Ejaculation

Off Label Use of Emla Cream for Premature Ejaculation To last Longer

Premature ejaculation is one of the most common sexual disorders in men. Although so many men are affected, it is largely a taboo topic. Embarrassment, suffering and other forms of mental stress often cause premature ejaculation.

Therapeutically, especially non-drug treatment methods are common, but there are also individual drug options to counteract premature ejaculation. An example is Emla, the number one numbing cream.

Emla Cream is popular for tattoos, piercings or laser hair removal. It was not actually designed to treat premature ejaculation, even though this option is now being discussed in medical circles.

You will not find this use in the instruction leaflet. However, since Emla cream is basically suitable to reduce the sensitivity in the penis, it can be a very good way to treat premature ejaculation as an off label indication.

How to use to last longer in Bed ?

You have to be very careful. First, of course, you must seek medical advice. When applying, you should use very little of Emla cream, in order not to get too strong anesthetic effect. About five to 20 minutes before intercourse, thinly apply Emla cream on the glans and eventually on the penile shaft. Exposure time and degree of anesthesia can vary significantly, so you may need to try the right amount and timing in the application.

After the exposure time, the penis should be stunned enough to have hypersensitivity lowered. Be sure to use a condom for sexual intercourse or wash off the remnants of Emla cream thoroughly – otherwise you will numb the mucous membranes of your partner.

Medical Studies

Emla Cream as an alternative treatment for premature ejaculation has been proposed in several medical studies.

We’ve found a study on Pubmed by the Department of Urology, Firat University proved that Emla cream is very effective and concluded the following

The duration until ejaculation could be significantly prolonged with the help of Emla cream. Men was able to last longer for 6.71 +/- 2.54 minutes without any adverse effects.

Are There Any Side Effects?

Emla cream is usually well tolerated and has few side effects. During the period of exposure, redness or paleness of the affected skin or mucous membranes may occur. Even a slight burning or itching is possible. In rare cases there are allergic reactions. Emla cream should not be used for open wounds or skin diseases such as atopic dermatitis. The cream should also not get into the eyes. Very frequent use in the same places can lead to lesions. So be careful.

Are There Alternatives to Emla Cream?

The active substances, Lidocaine and Prilocaine, contained in Emla cream is also available as a separate ointments and Xylocaine spray that’s potentially suitable to make the penis less sensitive. Priligy is another alternative, which’s taken in tablet form.

One Unbiased Opinion

  1. Chris Lee

    Great cream. Since I applied this cream it makes the sex much longer.
    Approximately, Apply 20 min before love making and then you go on until she can’t handle it 😀 .

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