4 Drugs That Can Cause Erection Problems + 3 Solutions

Imagine the following: you suffer from a very annoying illness, which you suffer from every day. One day you find out precisely what you are suffering from, and it turns out that there is a medicine for this. At first, you are pleased that you are finally rid of your complaints. After that, however, it turns out that this remedy does more than relieve your complaints.

You will have a problem with it because you can no longer get an erection. You look at the package insert of the medicines you are taking, and damn it: it does say that they can cause erection problems. Could a drug cause your erection problem? Then read on quickly for four medicines that can cause erection problems and three solutions.

Drugs that can cause erection problems

Do you suffer from erection problems, and do you think a drug could be the cause? Or do you have to take certain medications and do not want to suffer from erection problems? Then, of course, you need to know which drugs cause erection problems. Therefore, I will start this article by helping you with that information.

The following medicines are known to cause erection problems. Of course, that doesn’t mean that they necessarily do that or that there can’t be another cause for your erection problems. So I can’t say for sure if your medication is the problem.

But if you use one of these drugs and you suffer from erection problems, the chance is high.

This list is, of course, not exhaustive. In addition to these drugs, many other medicines can cause erectile dysfunction. I will therefore limit myself to the most common medications. So if you’re on a drug that causes erectile dysfunction, there’s a good chance it’s listed here, but I can’t guarantee it.

I will be discussing the following medications:

  • Blood Pressure Lowering Agents
  • Antidepressants
  • Painkillers (specifical opioids)
  • Erection Pills (such as Viagra)

Drug 1: Blood Pressure Lowering Drugs

High blood pressure is something that more and more men today suffer from and swallow antihypertensives. As the name suggests, these are drugs that lower blood pressure.

Some blood pressure-lowering drugs, such as beta-blockers, disrupt your nervous system to lower your blood pressure. Other agents, such as diuretic drugs, relax your blood vessel walls. The result is the same: your blood pressure is reduced, and your blood is pumped less quickly through your body.

If you suffer from erection problems, this is exactly the problem.

An erection occurs because blood is pumped into the erectile tissues of the penis. If you take blood pressure-lowering drugs, your body will be less able to pump enough blood to your penis. The result may be that the erectile tissues in the penis cannot be adequately filled. In other words, you will not get a (good) erection.

This is very annoying: you don’t want your blood pressure to be dangerously high, but you do want to be able to get an erection and have sex. High blood pressure carries serious risks, such as heart attacks. So you can’t just stop taking your medication for a while. But how do you make sure your sex life doesn’t suffer?

Fortunately, some medicines lower your blood pressure without causing erection problems. If this is bothering you, ask your doctor about ACE inhibitors, ARBs, calcium channel blockers, or lifestyle changes that can lower your blood pressure. In this case, your health does not have to be at the expense of your sex life.

Drug 2: Antidepressants

The second type of medication that often causes erection problems is antidepressants. It is, of course, significant that nowadays, there are medicines that you can take for depression. However, these drugs also have severe consequences for the functioning of your body, and severe side effects have.

Although you may think that erection problems are purely physical, your brain also significantly influences this. Because antidepressants affect how your brain functions, they can prevent you from sending the proper signal; if you want an erection, you may be so excited, but your brain isn’t cooperating.

In addition, hormones are essential for your erection, and antidepressants throw your entire hormone system upside down. This can lead to significant consequences (strangely enough, depression). One of those consequences may be that you, as a user of the antidepressants, will have to deal with erection problems.

There are many different antidepressants on the market, but unfortunately, you can’t just switch antidepressants. It differs significantly per person, which means are effective.

If you have finally found your antidepressant that works well for you, then of course you would rather not suddenly stop taking it.

So you can’t just stop taking antidepressants or try another drug, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do anything. If you take antidepressants and still want to get rid of your erection problems, you can find some tips at the end of this article.

Drug 3: Painkillers (specifical opioids)

If you have an illness or condition that makes you have to live with continuous pain, that is far from fun. It is, therefore, very nice that there are now all kinds of painkillers that can make your life a lot more bearable. Unfortunately, I also have bad news: painkillers can cause erection problems.

This concerns explicitly opioids. These are potent painkillers, which are chemically very similar to morphine and heroin. You cannot just buy these types of products at the pharmacy. You will only get a prescription for this if you deal with very severe pain. These opioids have a profound effect on your body.

For example, they often ensure that too little of the hormone testosterone is produced. This hormone is also known as the male sex hormone and is of great importance for the sexual functioning of the man. A lack of testosterone can cause serious erection problems, among other things.

Pain is not the only feeling you no longer have after taking painkillers.

If you have been prescribed opioids, you cannot simply stop taking them. You will probably have to deal with excruciating pain. You can ask your doctor if you can get a prescription for testosterone pills. You can usually solve this problem again if opioids are the cause by taking testosterone.

Drug 4: Erection Pills (Like Viagra)

This may sound very strange to you. Erection pills, primarily intended to treat erection problems, can also cause erection problems. If you used to permanently solve your erection problems with such a blue pill, Viagra, or its generic version Kamagra, but that suddenly no longer works, then Viagra may be the problem.

By trying to fix your erection problem, you can make it many times worse.

How exactly is this possible? In short, your body no longer knows how to get an erection if you continuously use a pill for this. The body no longer has to initiate the whole process itself. Over time, it will also sort of “forget” this. The more often you use Viagra (or similar drugs), the more you need them.

Fortunately, this process is usually reversible. You have to stop using erection pills and get an erection naturally. Permanent damage resulting from erection pills rarely occurs, so you do not have to worry about this.

How do I get an erection again? Three solutions

You have now found out which medicines are most often the cause of an erection problem, but of course, you are not there yet. You do not only want to know why you can no longer get a boner but also how you can solve this problem again.

That’s why I give you solutions that will allow you to dive between the sheets with a rock-hard boner in no time. Your sex life will return to what you were used to. Let me briefly discuss the following solutions:

  • Look for other medications
  • Watch less porn
  • Change your eating pattern

Solution 1: Look for other medications

If you suffer from erection problems due to a medication, it is sometimes best to look for other medicines. Often other means achieve the same goal. Just ask the pharmacist or your doctor about the alternatives to your medicine.

I also understand that this is not always possible. Sometimes the medication you are taking is the only effective or somewhat affordable solution to your problems, so you can’t just switch. If that’s the case, then this tip won’t help you, but probably the other information I’ll give you next.

Solution 2: Watch more petite porn

There are hardly any men in the Netherlands who never watch porn. However, few of these men are aware of the ill effects that excessive porn-viewing can have. Too much and especially too extreme porn can make it much harder, in the long run, to get an erection during sex.

When you watch porn, you are usually exposed to very extreme stimuli. The women are unrealistically beautiful and have bodies that are often more attractive than the average woman’s. Moreover, the actions are often very rough and extreme. By exposing yourself to this too often, you get used to these normal stimuli; your brain will see this as usual.

If you spend all day looking at villas on Funda, you will no longer find your own house after a while.

The chances of a real woman being able to live up to porn standards are incredibly slim. This will bother you if you want to have sex with a woman. Your brain will subconsciously compare her to the unrealistically high standard you have been given by porn. You will most likely not be impressed, so you will not be able to get an erection.

Solution 3: Change your eating pattern

Your physical health dramatically affects your ability to get an erection. An unhealthy body is less good at pumping blood for an erection. Therefore, it is essential to take care of yourself as much as possible in terms of health.

You must eat many vegetables and fruit (about 200 grams of vegetables and two pieces of fruit per day). Avoiding foods high in saturated fats or cholesterol improves circulation, which is very important for getting an erection.

It is also essential to drink a lot of water (at least 2 liters per day) and vary what you eat. This will help you get rid of your erection problems in the long run.

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