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Comparison : Diet pills VS Fat burners

When it comes to make comparisons between products which are effective and will help you loose weight in a fair amount of time we often find ourselves deciding between diet pills and fat burners; in order to make an educated decision as to which one to use we must first look at the facts and what it really takes to loose those extra pounds gained during holidays, birthdays, special occasions or through our everyday eating routines.

The first step is to avoid at all costs products which claim to make you loose hundreds of pounds in a couple of weeks, Yes, we know you might be very tempted to buy them since we all like easy things, most people tend to be lazy so we can’t blame you, but when your health is the wager on the line you must understand that laziness is definitively not an option. If you are overweight you should know that the number one cause of death in the US is death by heart diseases and as you can imagine heart failure is directly linked to the amount of fat you are putting in your system through unhealthy eating habits.

Now that we have established that overweight people must loose this weight in order to extend their life span we can now compare products which will help you accomplish this goal. Fat burners are products which claim to “burn the fat” out of your system but you may ask: how exactly is the fat burned from our body without exercise? According to these products, the special ingredients found in such pills “accelerate your metabolism” and break down the fat which is later expelled from our body “through the urinary system”

It sounds good right?, but he truth is far from pretty in fact there are some major problems with such claims:
1. Fat can’t be burned from our body without exercise (unless you resort to surgery)
2. If you were 50 pounds overweight could you imagine the bladder problems you would have if all of this “broken down fat” suddenly were to fall to this organ?
3. Any product which messes with your metabolism should raise a big red flag, specially if you suffer from any type of heart condition.

Diet pills on the other hand are sold as supplements which are 100% natural and help you suppress your appetite as well as acting as a diuretic, hence the reason why we need to drink enough water. Diet pills are not the “magic bullet solution”, they must be combined with a healthy diet, proper water consumption and constant exercise in order to avoid your excess skin to hang from your arms, stomach and legs as well as toning your muscles.
People who are “morbidly obese” must consult with their physician since this is a serious condition which can’t be treated with normal diet pills, all others will be just fine eating healthy, exercising and taking their diet pills as instructed.

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