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Pregnancy accidents

The Most 3 Common Accidents During Pregnancy

Being pregnant is not sewing and singing, you have to start taking care of yourself in the diet , also physically … But it is also necessary to take special care to avoid accidents that may harm the development of the baby inside the mother’s womb. Mothers-to-be know that they must take precautions to protect their unborn children, but accidents can occur and occur.

The consequences of an accident will depend on the moment of gestation that the woman is and of course also, the magnitude of the impact that the child is subjected to when this happens . There are some common accidents that can occur when you least expect it, you need to take it into account to avoid them or at least, to know what to do if they occur.

3 common accidents during pregnancy

1. Lifting heavy objects

It is not a good thing that pregnant women lift heavy weights or make any effort too big. This is because the ligaments become loose and the joints become less stable during pregnancy. As the belly gets bigger, the center of gravity moves forward naturally, putting a lot of pressure on the back.

Expectant mothers can have obstetric problems specifically those who are in danger of having a premature delivery or a miscarriage. Women who have a low placenta also risk having a placental hemorrhage, while those with a short cervix should also take special care when lifting.


It is important that expectant mothers are aware of this and take the necessary precautions when they must gain weight, such as bending the knees and keeping the back straight. In this way, the body will be forced to use the muscles of the legs instead of the muscles of the back. If you feel that the weight pulls too much on you, it is because it is too heavy for you to take it.

2. Falls

Falls tend to occur during pregnancy because your center of gravity has shifted. The most common is that the future mother is the one who receives the blows instead of the fetus , since the amniotic fluid is a great protection for the child and is cushioned and protected by the trauma that can cause the impacts before the child. Falls

Although after a fall you are likely to feel some pain, but if you have swelling, feel contractions or do not feel your baby move, you should see your doctor immediately to know how your baby is inside your womb. It is important to inform the doctor exactly what has happened, even if the fall has been small.

The doctor is in charge of determining the severity of the consequences. The best way to avoid falling is to do things slowly and carefully, do not rush to do things while you are pregnant and also, make sure that the ground you walk on is safe enough to avoid getting tripped or slipped and you fall

When you are climbing or descending stairs it will also be important that you take special care and that you take hold of the railing or that you have any type of support to avoid possible falls, even if it is the arm of another person. Try to avoid activities that can cause falls, especially when you are in the last weeks of pregnancy when your body is so bulky and your baby is so big.

3. Car accidents

Most women know the importance of using the seatbelt both when driving and when passengers are in the car , but the protection of pregnant women is very important. One of the biggest problems in a car accident is the steering wheel, as your belly is so big the impact in case of accident is huge.


The more advanced the pregnancy is, the greater the risk of having a premature delivery or of having a detachment of the placenta. To ensure safer driving, it is necessary to use the seat belt correctly. It is best to put the belt that crosses over the shoulder and that the bottom part hold your hips, under the belly.

In addition, it is important that you move the car seat backwards as much as possible, in this way you will be ensuring that in addition to driving safely, you have free movement without feeling pressured with little space. Although if you do not see yourself safe, it is best to wait until after giving birth to drive again, safety comes first.

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