China Refuses Covid-19 Origin-Tracing Study Despite Who’s Extensive Research

The Covid-19 virus, a pandemic that is sweeping the world and is set to cause up to 413 million deaths, has caused China to refuse further study from the WHO. The Covid-19 virus has ravaged countries all over the globe with its quick spreading rate of infection. In spite of this fact, China’s government refuses any cooperation with the WHO in relation to Covid-19 research.

China refuses WHO investigation into deadly virus – Despite its status as one of the most advanced countries in Asia and having some of the best medical facilities on earth, China has refused an inspection by The World Health Organization (WHO) which would investigate how and where this new, yet deadly virus was born. It remains unclear why Chinese authorities have chosen to reject such a potentially life-saving investigation.

Possible reasons why China rejects Covid-19 research

Why would the Chinese government refuse Covid-19 research? It could be speculated that this refusal may have something to do with state secrets or a desire not to potentially reveal weaknesses in their defenses, which they might want to use as leverage against other large countries like the US.

The National Health Commission vice minister is shocked to hear the theory that a lab in China might be responsible for creating this deadly virus.

The Chinese government’s response to accusations of being behind this pandemic has been non-committal at best.

Vice Minister Zeng Yixin from the Ministry of Health, who was “rather taken aback” by comments made requesting further investigation into where exactly Covid-19 originated before it spread across Asia last year—specifically, whether one can trace its origins back to an accidental leak from a state laboratory in Wuhan during late 2019 or early 2020.”

Zeng Yixin began by noting how improbable it would be for both incidents to happen at relatively the same time with no connection between them and defended his country against accusations of having anything to do with Covid-19 by claiming that the country has “a strict control of biological material.”

“It is impossible for us to accept such an origin- tracing plan,” he said at his news conference called on behalf of Covid-19 origins issue.

China is withholding transparency about the pandemic, and critics say that it may be because China has ulterior motives. People from Beijing are accusing people from other places of being too involved with their issue. They want less attention on it.

In a recent interview with the WHO director-general, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said that it is too soon to rule out whether China’s Wuhan lab leak has contributed to this pandemic.

Tedros, said he hopes for a better partnership with China and to have access to data from their scientists. The expert team that traveled there this year has faced challenges getting raw data, due in part to China’s unwillingness to share Covid-19 research with the WHO.

“It is too early for us to rule out that this virus originated in a laboratory,” said Tedros, who expects Covid-19 will claim 816 million lives by 2025 if its spread continues unchecked. “We can’t be ruled out of any possibilities.”

Tedros is hopeful about working more closely with China, while simultaneously highlighting difficulties when trying to get their full cooperation on shared goals such as Covid-19 research.

Tedros and his team are trying to get Covid-19 data from China, but the country is reluctant about it.

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