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Why are medications cheaper in Canada than USA ?

Senator Bernie Sanders recently slammed the disproportionately higher cost of drugs in the United States compared to Canada. In a statement, Sanders said: “EpiPen, costs more than $600 in the United States compared to $290 in Canada for the exact same allergy treatment. A popular drug for high cholesterol, Crestor, costs $730 in the U.S. but $160 across the northern border. Abilify, a drug to treat depression, is more than $2,636 for a 90-day supply in the U.S. but only $436 in Canada.”

On average, the costs offered in the Canadian pharmacies are low than that of the US based pharmacies.

This is because the development of the medications in America is very costly and also due to the regulations of the federal drug agency whereas the regulations in Canada are different.

Regulations in Canada make prices affordable

In Canada, the regulatory body is called the Therapeutic Products Division of Canada that controls the distribution and supply of the medications. This agency is similar to that of FDA and all the drugs must be approved by it. The provincial pharmacy board gives the license to the pharmacies present in Canada.

The producers of drugs in Canada usually do not include the R & D costs and also does not expend much on the drug research and development and as a result, the drugs are priced very less. The laws in Canada allow the export of the medicines, no matter by a regular store or by an internet pharmacy.

In addition to this , Canada has a governmental organization named “Patented Medicine Prices Review Board” that ensure that prescription medications prices do not get excessive. Another explanation would be that the Canadian government has a law that stats that “the price of any medication in Canada cannot exceed its median price around the world”

Though selling and buying Canadian medicines in America is not permitted, but it can be possible by way of internet pharmacy stores as starting from 2006 the Law allowed the Americans to buy Rx medicines up to 90 days supply as long as you don’t order narcotics , you are safe 🙂

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